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Nipple Color Change Is The Signal Of Disease


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The health of women's nipple color or areola is pale red or brown powder. if there are color changes in the nipple or areola, that is the signal of physiological changes or pathological changes in the endocrine system for women.
1, Nipple and areola color deepened, with symptoms of itching around. There are proliferative lesions or cystic hyperplasia in bilateral or unilateral breast when do breast physical examination. it is in line with the incidence rule.

If there is a small nodules and format processes shape. Patients may suffer from more serious liver disease, Liver disease cause the liver function decline, Estrogen can not be decomposed in the liver. Some benign tumors in breast can increase ovarian secretion of estrogen.

Can lead to the nipple and areola color deepened.
2, Some physiological changes can also lead to changes in the color of the nipple. Pregnancy led to increased estrogen and progesterone. Women after pregnancy, Starting from early pregnancy, the nipple and areola color deepened, by turns dark red from the light brown. Some women (under 30 years old -45 years old), the case in the absence of pregnancy. Nipple and areola color deepened slowly. This color change suggests women now have “one off"of the increased estrogen.

Self-regulation over time, estrogen levels return to normal, Nipple and areola color has returned to normal, this is still the normal physiological changes.
In view of this, when take a breast examination, Must pay attention to the nipple and areola color change. Need to diagnose the nipple and areola color changes are physiological or pathological. Make a clear diagnosis and aggressive treatment.

Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among women, after skin cancer. it is one of the most common cancers in women, particularly in the developed countries. Early symptoms of breast cancer, including breast red and swollen, outflow of secretions, depression, mass, wrinkles, irregular spots, nipple color change or there is a flat nipple, inversion. if there are the symptoms of the nipple or areola color change, if there are the symptoms of the nipple or areola color change , especially in menopausal women, need to be very careful, regular physical examination. is a new star of Cancer Rehabilitation Website it will be to provide the latest information about Chinese medicine breast cancer treatment, lung cancer, and mesothelioma


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