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What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like

Victor L

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If you want to know what hemorrhoids look like then it is most probably because you are wondering if you have this health problem.

Hemorrhoids can be a very embarrassing and painful condition. It is not an easy topic of discussion with your doctor and that is why many search for information online.

First of all, hemorrhoids do not all look the same, but the do have similar things in common. Also you have to know about the two types of hemorrhoids which are internal and external.

External hemorrhoids are the type that can be seen, this is because they usually hang from the anal area.

What do hemorrhoids look like?

Well in the case of external hemorrhoids they are usually either round or flat shaped and are excess skin that hangs from your anal area.

Internal hemorrhoids can not be seen, but they are similar to the external type except the are inside you rectal area.

In many cases, hemorrhoids can become more visible when you are passing stools, due to the tension. This tension is what causes the veins in your rectal area to become swollen and clot which is what forms hemorrhoids.

Tension that causes this health problem to arise which can be due to heavy lifting, pregnancy and even because you are sitting for long periods of time.

Also many people confuse internal hemorrhoids for external hemorrhoids because if an internal hemorrhoids becomes too swollen it can start to hang out of your anal area and be mistaken for an external hemorrhoid.

External hemorrhoids also have a tendency to bleed because since they are external they are easily damaged.

I know how uncomfortable having the problem can be and talking about this problem with your doctor can be embarrassing as well.

But nonetheless, try to find as much information as possible and what you can do to treat hemorrhoids because the longer hemorrhoids go untreated the more painful it will become.

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