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Diverticulitis Symptoms Is it Gas Or Something Serious?


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Have your jeans or pants ever felt like they are too tight or your belly is about to explode? Do not just discount these feelings as mere gas. It may be something more serious. The symptoms of diverticulitis are sometimes fleeting or feel like you have to take a good healthy constitution.

Common symptoms like the ones above also include; abdominal cramping, constipation and diarrhea. The difficulty of passing stool - oftentimes the “rabbit terds" - along the left colon which is narrowed by the diverticular disease, are related to the aforementioned symptoms.

To engage a better understanding of diverticulitis you must understand the anatomy of your colon. Medically speaking diverticulitis is the inflammation of the divertiula. These are the small outpouchings along the wall of the colon and large intestine. In addition, for diverticulitis to occur; diverticulosis must be present. The promotion of diverticulosis is when pressure in the colon is elevated when a person is constipated. Typically symptoms are few or very mild but may include abdominal cramping and bloating.

When diverticulum becomes infected and ruptures causing diverticulitis, fever, pain and tenderness in the lower abdomen are common symptoms. Also, a collection of pus can develop around the inflammation that leads to an abscess, in addition to color obstruction, generalized infection of the abdominal cavity and bleeding in the colon. The possibility of the inflamed diverticula eroding the urinary bladder can cause bladder infection as well as passing gas during urination.

Aside for the impossibility of staying young, there are few ways you can avoid diverticulitis. Eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fiber will help keep the bowels moving and allows pressure in the colon to remain at a normal level. In addition, drinking plenty of water will aid in keeping the colon clear. Keep in mind, however, that diverticulitis is diagnosed with x-rays or sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. So check with your doctor if you experience similar symptoms, your body will thank you for it.

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