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Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems


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If you've started to experience pain and think it may be gallbladders disease then it is important you learn about the symptoms and signs so you can be sure that the symptoms you are experience are in fact due to a gallbladder problem.

Gallbladder symptoms can be easily confused for heartburn or indigestion. This is because one of the main symptoms is chest pain, especially after eating. But here is a list of the most common symptoms associated with gallbladder disease:

- Chest Pain after Eating
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Stomach Pain
- Back Pain
- Symptoms become worse after eating
- Burping
- In more advanced cases fever and chills

You can usually tell that you have a gallbladder if you experience these symptoms every time after you eat. Heartburn should only occur now and then, but a gallbladder problem will cause painful symptoms every time after you eat.

The pain is due to the formation of gallstones in your gallbladder. Basically gallbladder disease is when you are consuming to much cholesterol in your daily diet. The high amount of cholesterol turns into gallstones in your gallbladder.

The gallstones, hard clumps of cholesterol, is what product the painful symptoms and nausea/vomiting, becuase the bile in your gallbladder (bile is what helps you digest fat) gets backed up in your gallbladder.

This may sound a bit complicated but there are easy and natural solutions to stop gallbladder pain. The first thing you should try is a gallbladder cleanse or also known as a gallbladder flush.

Learn more about Gallbladder Disease and how to stop your pain naturally and quickly.


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