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Yeast Infection in Mouth


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Yeast infection in mouth is commonly known as thrush. Thrush affects all people including children. It is also cause by yeast which when it multiplies in the mouth, it leaves a trail of infection that is very painful. Yeast is also called candida albicans or monilia and it if found naturally just like other organisms like bacteria in our bodies. There is a peaceful co existence between us and yeast but, when yeast has had an advantage over the other organisms, it will grow and expand territory to cause infection. In the mouth you will find yeast among other places in the body.

Yeast infection in mouth or oral thrush is pretty common to a specific group of people who include babies, denture users, people with diabetes, people undergoing chemotherapy or taking antibiotics, people with a deficiency in their immune system and people who feed very poorly. Generally, the above are factors that can lead on to get an infection in the mouth. When you are thinking about babies, you need to remember that their systems have not been fully developed especially in the mouth. When there are no friendly bacteria to check yeast in the mouth of a baby, then yeast will develop rapidly to cause the infection

Yeast infection in mouth can be known by the various symptoms. They include formation of whitish patches which can bleed easily when touched. You are advised not to touch the patches to avoid serious wounds. There will be great discomfort and burning sensation in the areas. When you suspect to have the infection in the mouth, you will have to visit a doctor who will undertake some tests to establish whether you have the illness. In babies, clinical pictures will enable a doctor to rule out other illnesses and confirm whether the condition is thrush. Adults need to have a confirmation because there are diseases like cancer which show similar symptoms.

Yeast infection in mouth has many treatments and the causes need to be considered also so that the infection does not recur. Firstly, when you have dentures, make sure you change them to better and fitting ones. If you suffer from yeast because of diabetes, you need to see a doctor who will guide you on how to manage your sugar levels so that yeast does not get an opportunity to thrive in your system. If you suffer from the condition because of poor feeding habits, know the right foods to consume.

Yeast infection in mouth can cause a lot of devastation and you need to act quickly so that you can eliminate it. You need to use anti fungal medication to kill yeast. Some of the most common medications include nystatin and others. Before you buy medication over the counter make sure you know without a doubt the medication you are buying. You must so be sure you have the disease. This will ensure that you treat the right disease when you take the medication. Whatever you do, make sure you treat thrush effectively.

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