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Hemorrhoids How to Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids


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Hemorrhoids are caused by extra pressure in the rectal veins and veins in the surrounding area. Over four-fifth of the world population experiences hemorrhoids at least once in entire lifetime.

Hemorrhoids signal that waste matter is not going through the colon normally the way it should. Hence, it can be formed both in the outside and inside. Small hemorrhoids are not hazardous for your health, but hemorrhoids, which are building for some time will cause you pain and in due course of time lead to bleeding complications like:

  • Mucus discharge
  • Blood passing through your stool
  • Itching of the rectum
  • Pain during bowel movement and also in rectum area
  • Bulging of the area in rectum or anus

    Bleeding hemorrhoids are very uncomfortable for the sufferers. Often, the bleeding is not only the thing the sufferer has to content with, the other symptoms are itching, swelling and painful bowel excretion. Bleeding hemorrhoids also affect your daily life. Even the simple physical things like sitting, driving and even walking will become difficult, painful and cause of huge suffering.

    Hence, the treatments have to be a mix of medication, proper eating habits and a lifestyle shift because any one is not complete in itself and does not offer a life long solution. The treatment will take some time to take affect and cure the discomfort.

    The medications include apple cider vinegar; a very effective home based remedy. You should take it after having a breakfast and then after the dinner. This will help your acid levels to rise and hence help you in digestion of the food and also make your liver strong, thus it will help you in the short and the long run. By helping your liver grow strong, your future gets stronger.

    Another top remedy is the intake of grape seed oil. This is full of essential vitamins. The vitamins are essential to make your stomach stronger and overall increase the immunity of the body and slowly the bleeding reduces and finally stops and you are cured.

    These medications will take a long time to come into effect. But if you mix with them exercises, then the speed of recovery will increase. You have to do very simple exercise like walking. A 20 minutes walk will increase the digestive power of the body and this will make the stomach muscles strong.

    Another great exercise is the eastern wonder - the yoga. Get in touch with a yoga instructor and he will tell you all the yogic asana, which are so beneficial that your entire body will become stronger and once your digestion improves the fecal waste matter will not become so hard that it will cause bleeding. Thus first bleeding will stop and then the hemorrhoids will get cured and slowly disappear.

    Now some eating changes would include eating at regular intervals and adding salads and fresh juices to your diet. Also you need to reduce intake of heavy gravy foods and junk foods.

    Plus you need to make sure to give your body at least 6-8 hours of sleep and having a stress free life will boost your health and improve your overall health.

    If you mix all the three above mentioned remedies in your life then the bleeding hemorrhoids will be a goner from your life for ever.

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