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Sweating Sickness - Stop Overactive Excessive Sweating Today!


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The first evidence of sweating sickness as a virulent disease was found in England towards the end of the 15th and the beginning of 16th century. The onset of sweating sickness was sudden and usually ended within a few hours in death. The cause of this mysterious disease is still unknown. After it killed several people in London the sweating sickness made its appearance in Ireland 7 years later.

Though it did not affect infants, anyone who could survive the attack for the first 24 hours, could survive. The disease disappeared for the next 15 years and again made its appearance in 1507, but this time it was less fatal. Very soon it showed up its ugly head in many parts of Europe including Germany, Denmark and Scandinavian countries. Fortunately it disappeared as soon as it came and by the end of 1528, there were hardly any signs of it except in Switzerland.

In the modern era, excessive sweating is also sometimes referred to as sweating sickness, or sweating disease. Though the exact cause behind sweating sickness is not clearly known, it shows up during various situations like psychological stress, after a serious illness or during extreme humid temperatures.

To stop overactive excessive sweating today, there are plenty of therapy options available, none of which can cure the condition permanently. If excessive sweating is causing you social embarrassment due to sweat stains and bad body odor, there are several options you could take to stop overactive excessive sweating today. The options you have in front of you are: oral medication; antiperspirants and deodorants; surgery and natural herbal therapy.

When excessive sweating is diagnosed to have psychological origins, doctors usually recommend anti-depressants to allay the stress, anxiety and feelings of depression. The oral drug therapy that is available, carry too many discomforting side effects. The patient non-compliance is understandable in these cases. Most of the oral therapy contains ingredients which have pronounced anticholinergic properties like glycopyrolate, propentheline and ditropan. Drysol is a topical application which good antiperspirant properties which could stop your over sweating today.

Over sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis and tap water iontophoresis is another way to reduce the symptoms of this ailment. Whichever of the above method you take up, you can not expect any permanent cure. If you want super fast results from your over sweating therapy, you could try Botox injections.

This injection contains Botulinum toxin type A which can stop the overactive sweat glands from producing excessive sweat, though on a temporary basis. The injection route is sub-dermal and the effect lasts between 12 and 15 months, if you follow the full therapy regimen. The side effects are minor in nature like bruises and slight irritation at the injection site accompanied by mild headache.

There are some effective home remedies for stopping sweating which contain several herbs which also can stop over sweating today. These not only control sweating but delete bad body odor too.

Are you tired of sweating excessively? Are you looking for a proven remedy that doesn't just relieve the symptoms but gets rid of your excessive sweating issue for good? Visit today and learn how to cure your excessive sweating problem from the inside out. See immediate results with this effective remedy that works.


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