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Do You Know Semen Causes Yeast Infections

Wangeci Kinyanjui

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With the assumption that the respectable reader of this article could be of any age as long as he can access the internet sites, let me start by brief description of what semen is. Even though I realize that nowadays it appears that nobody is too young to have sex as long as their bodies are mature enough to endure the enthusiastic intolerable excitement of discovering there surroundings at their tender ages! As such I presume many are acquainted with this semen story that is a possible cause of yeast infections.

However, not to be too speculative yet leaving others with no hint about this potential cause of yeast infections, semen is simply some liquid *** ted from a male *** especially after being *** excited or aroused. No one really cares to critically think what this seminal fluid could be consisting; at least not before achieving the pleasure of their bodies.

We have a percentage of women who will not mind being reliable trash bin for all sorts of men to dump their cynical semen there anytime they want. These women are the gold diggers who snuffle a man's wallet from a mile away and before he grasps the nasty game, he is in for it! While if you are this trickster who plays her financial cards perfectly, then you perhaps think your game is ending well be warned, a health game could be about to unfold.

What will you do when this semen, the latent cause of yeast infections turns the tables around towards the unimaginable suffering for you? Since you play those men like soccer, squandering their abundant semen for financial gains, do not scream at anybody except yourself when those no good yeast fungi start stinging your semen-coated vaginal walls. This time, your strategy will have backfired and made you fail totally and completely. Despite the fact that I realize how much you cannot do without these hot semen-carriers, I must warn you that they could push you to your limits as they cause yeast infections in your'no crowd’ vaginal areas.

Just like semen has been censured for most *** transmitted diseases, it could also be linked with the cause of yeast infections especially if it lasts longer than it is necessary in the vaginal parts. If a woman has yeast infection herself before *** intercourse with a man, then she will also be a cause of yeast infections herself to that man. What happens is that the fungi will now thrive in this *** causing male yeast infections. Any discharge surging out his organ thereafter will contain these Candida albicans. Without his knowledge the same man may senselessly have sex with a different woman hence tumbling the same yeast fungi to yet another nurturing home! Bravo to the yeast fungi.

This semen cause yeast infections when it tampers with the natural acidic environment of a woman's vagina. Generally the vagina should not host seminal fluid for long and if this happens then the ph levels declines causing the system weak to fight off the Candida albicans. So whatever happens next could well blow her brains off particularly if the predominant sign is vaginal itching. Fine this might be too bad, but good for her, because she might suspend those generous semen vendors until further notice. But if she is a scandalous girl category, she might blame something else for her persistent disaster and order for more as the agony level increases beneath her skirt.

Wangeci Kinyanjui has been researching and reporting on Health Matters for years. For more information on cause of yeast infection visit her site at CAUSE OF YEAST INFECTION


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Yeast Infections - What Causes Yeast Infections And How To Avoid Them Forever!
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