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Prominent Causes Of Yeast Infection You Need To Know

Wangeci Kinyanjui

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There are many causes of yeast infection that have been proven by the various health researchers and although it is important to identify them all, in this particular article I am going to concentrate on the most prominent ones. This is because, these are the ones many yeast infection patients will in most cases experience as they slowly develop this infection.

One of the causes of yeast infection will include extreme sweating. Sweating is a natural process with a significance of thermal regulation by one of the human body important organ called the skin. Whenever we sweat, we enjoy the after effect which is cool and refreshing but little do we realize that the same sweat if left on the skin will not only result to disgusting odor, but yeast infection too. The rationale behind this occurrence is for the very fact that yeast Candida thrives well in wet and warm environment such as the woman vagina and thus sweating encourage this drastic multiplication of yeast fungi. So every time we run outside or carry out strenuous exercise we must always visit the bathroom for shower not only to cub the odor but to avoid yeast infections.

Birth control pills is also one of the causes of yeast infection in women and many women have agonized a lot with out having any idea that this could actually result to it. If the doctor rules this to be the cause of your persistent yeast infections, then it will be wise for you to change that option you could be using at that time to another one that might fit your body time.

Still on women, the female sprays and fragrances have also been rated high in the list of causes for yeast infection and you who cannot do without spraying that organ of yours, risk catching one yeast infection after another. Instead learn to appreciate the natural vaginal odor which is pleasant and thus do not need to be better anyway. Restrict those deodorants and antiperspirants to less sensitive parts of your body such as the armpits.

Furthermore you need to know that diabetes is among the most leading causes of yeast infection especially in menopausal women. If your doctor says you have diabetes, then try as much as possible to follow his recommended practice to reduce the blood sugars. Other diseases that are prominent causes of yeast infection include cancer and HIV aids infection. With the HIV infection, mostly the victims suffer from yeast fungal infection in the mouth (thrush), upper digestive tract (esophagitis) and in the stomach causing very painful ulcerations that may weaken their immune system because the rate of food absorption in the intestines is reduced. Still, when the person experiences both cancer and aids at the same time then the whole system may be weakened by yeast Candida which is severe.

What is more the causes of yeast infection could include hormonal changes in the body system which could be triggered by factors such as menopause, stress, menstruation, pregnancy among others. There is not much that could be done to avoid hormonal alteration, but one could avoid stress to reduce the effect of the others. Do not use alcohol to cub your stressful lifestyle or other dangerous drugs because they are just other causes to yeast infection. Focus on changing your lifestyle to match your income levels and develop personal growth tools to allow you survive the struggles of modern life.

Wangeci Kinyanjui has been researching and reporting on Health Matters for years. For more information on causes of yeast infection visit her site at CAUSES OF YEAST INFECTION

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