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What Kinds of Food Am I Limited to on a Diabetic Exchange Diet?


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If you need help controlling your weight and the amount of sugar and cholesterol in your blood, a doctor may put you on a diabetic exchange diet. This particular diet helps keep you healthy and your blood sugar at normal levels.

The diabetic exchange diet breaks food up into six groups; breads and starches, fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat and substitutes, and fats. With three meals a day and a couple of snacks a day, this diet should be perfect for a diabetic. In each of the food groups, it is important to stick to the exact measurements allowed. You can substitute foods within each food group, but not outside of each group.

The breads and starches group consists of things like ½ cup of pasta, ½ of a hamburger or hot dog bun, and 1 six-inch round tortilla. The fruit group allows for 1 medium apple, 1 small banana, ½ cup canned pineapple, and more. The vegetable group is simple. This group allows for 1 cup of raw or ½ cup of cooked of most vegetables. Some of the allowed vegetables are broccoli, green beans, celery, mushrooms, and onions. The dairy group is limited to things like ½ cup of skim, 1%, or 2% milk, and 1 cup of plain or nonfat yogurt. The meats and substitute group in the diabetic exchange diet consist of foods like 1 oz. of skinless chicken or turkey, 1 oz. of lean beef or pork, and ¼ cup of canned tuna or salmon. The fats group consists of 2 tsp peanut butter, 1 tsp of mayonnaise, and 2 tsp of low fat margarine.

It is important in the diabetic exchange diet to manage your diet very carefully. Many things you are not allowed to eat are sugars of every kind; dextrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, and sucrose. Cakes, candy, cookies, and jellies are not allowed in this diet.

In maintaining proper blood sugar and cholesterol levels, the diabetic exchange diet is designed by doctors to help diabetics. Strictly following this diet can assure a healthier lifestyle and less medical problems associated with high sugar levels.

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