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Genital Warts Look Like Mosquito Bites the Color of Flesh


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What makes the identification of genital warts so difficult is that these warts can vary in shape and size greatly and they will often not be noticed until they appear in clusters and the affected person realizes something is wrong. What you should look out for is small flesh to pinkish colored bumps.

Often genital warts are so small that even a trained medical care practitioner has difficulty in seeing them as they can resemble the normal small bumps that are found in the genital area. One of the easiest ways that your doctor can use to identify genital warts is to swab the area with acetic acid, which is normal vinegar. When these warts come into contact with acetic acid, they will turn white and then your doctor views them through a colposcope, which is a special magnifying lens used for this purpose.

What you must be aware of is that when you are infected with the HPV virus, you may not have visible warts as they may resemble flat or only slightly raised very small, round growths and they may appear in small clusters or singly.

Genital warts are complex and in men the HPV virus may be dormant or undetectable as often the lesions are hidden by hair or they appear as soft, raised masses with a smooth surface. These warts can appear on the penis, scrotum, urethra or the rectal area. Keep in mind that these warts can have a hugely varied appearance that often appear to look like small fingers in the anal area and in the general genital area they may appear as cauliflower-shaped clusters with a pearly sheen. On the penile shaft they tend to look more likes smooth, slightly raised masses.

Women have the added danger when they become infected with the HPV virus that this could lead to other serious problems. These warts can infect the vaginal and cervix, therefore when a woman suspects she has been infected, she should immediately see her doctor for a thorough exam that includes an internal examination of the cervix and vaginal canal as well as an ano-rectal exam. In women the genital warts tend to group in the moist areas and in appearance are the same as male genital warts.

It is important that you learn to identify Genital Warts Remedies as lesions that appear to be genital warts may be another type of infection that would need a different kind of treatment.

You can also find more info on Genital Warts Treatment . Genital is a comprehensive resource which provide information about Genital warts.


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