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Genital Warts Low Risk For Cancer


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The genital warts could be low risk. This means that they are a strain of HPV that does not carry a high risk of cancer developing. This does not mean that these low risk genital warts do not require medical attention because they do. There is every possibility that the warts could spread over a large area and this must be stopped from happening. It is important in the case of any genital warts to try to find out when and where the infection took place. If the genital warts are of the low risk strain then they only make their appearance months after the infection occurred.

This sometimes does make it difficult to pinpoint when infection happened. It is important to prevent any further viral infections. It is very easy because all it takes is skin to skin contact with the infected person.

HPV is becoming more known to more people because it is a virus that has been linked to anal, genital and cervical cancer. These areas are especially at risk to HPV as the virus flourishes in the mucous membranes. For this reason it is so important to find exactly what kind of genital warts are present. It is even more important to get to a doctor fast if you happen to be female.

A doctor will look for lesions in the vagina and cervix with the help of a lense. If necessary there may need to be a biopsy. This is all the more reason to find out if genital warts are low risk or not.

It is a good idea for any woman who has low risk genital warts to schedule for a pap smear every six months. This is especially important when there are signs of symptoms. This means that the virus is definitely alive and well. It will be necessary for a doctor to apply a topical cream to the Types Of Genital Warts for a certain period. This is to get rid of the warts.

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