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Sign of a Yeast Infection What is the Main Sign of a Yeast Infection?


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Sign of a Yeast Infection

Over 75% of the population of the planet have or still do suffer from yeast infections. This unpleasant infection can leave you with many uncomfortable symptoms and really can leave you feeling down in the dumps. The first thing that everyone recommends you do if you even suspect that you might have a yeast infection, is to consult your doctor. But often, especially if you are not so sure yourself, you might want a quick and easy way to spot the early sign of a yeast infection yourself before you suffer any embarrassment in front of a doctor.

So what are the main sign of a yeast infection?

1. ) Itching - If you notice any discomfort or itching around either your mouth or genitals, then it could well be that you have a yeast infection coming along. If this increases over time then it is more likely to be a yeast infection.

2. ) Rash - Should a red patch appear in these areas AND you have itching, then this may still be something else causing this (such as heat, allergic reaction etc) but again, if it is around the mouth or genitals then it should be watched closely.

3. ) Discharge - As unpleasant as it sounds, a typical sign of a yeast infection is genital discharge which also applies to both men and women. Discharge is a likely symptom of a yeast infection, but if you have discharge along with itching or a rash, then I would really recommend you go and see your doctor and it is very likely that you have a yeast infection.

4. ) Pain during sex - Believe it or not, this is also one of the main sign of a yeast infection. If you notice that it has become painful during sex with your partner, then this alone is not necessarily related, but coupled together with one or more of the previous symptoms and there is a much greater chance that it is related to a growing yeast infection of the genital area.

As a guide, if you have any 2 or more of the above symptoms, then it is more than likely a strong sign of a yeast infection and you will need to treat it as soon as you can in order to stop it becoming any worse. There are various products available on the market that will treat the symptoms ok, but it is important to find a product that will actually cure the cause of the yeast infection and clear it up for good rather than just treat the symptoms like so many of them do.

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Yeast Infection Skin Rash How to Detect the Symptoms of a Yeast Infection Early
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