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The Nasty Side Effects of Pubic Lice


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A pubic Lice infestation can become a lot more than just a short annoying interruption in ones *** activity. If not treated straight away, and with the most appropriate remedy, they can cause long term scaring for the host. Which type of treatment is best for you?

Early Symptoms of STD crabs

Pubic Lice, otherwise known as Crabs, is a *** Transmitted Disease, most commonly contracted through *** activity. Crabs can also attach themselves to the host through contact with infected bed linen and clothing.

Pubic crabs feed on human blood. To maintain their food supply, they attach themselves to the base of the pubic hair shafts and bite or pierce the skin to extract the blood. These bite marks cause the initial symptom of itchiness. If the problem is not diagnosed and treated at this early stage the female lice will rapidly multiply (eggs will hatch within a week) and cause the feeding to increase and the itchiness and irritation to intensify.

Bacterial Infection

Consistent scratching and aggravation will turn the miniature bite marks into small open wounds. Now, pubic lice, like all life forms need to excrete waste, and this is where the infestation gets dangerous. When the excretion from the lice enters the open sores, a bacterial infection is imminent.

A bacterial infection in an already existing rash will accelerate the aggravation and soon become painful to touch. If not treated at this stage, weeping sores and wounds can spread over the entire genital area, and even down the inside of the thighs. Blood and pus spots on underclothes can appear if not contained.

If you use a harsh, chemical based lice treatment cream to treat the parasite at this stage, hosts with sensitive skin types will find the intense pain and burning of the application almost unbearable.

This is an extreme, but very real case, and is what may eventuate if a pubic lice infestation is ignored.

Pubic lice Treatments

There are two main treatment options.

1. Chemical based treatments.

2. Natural remedies.

Chemical Treatments for Pubic lice

Just about all pubic lice remedies on the shelves today are extremely toxic in nature. The problem with chemical treatments is that the human skin was not created to deal with this sort of toxicity.
Our skin is basically a huge sponge which absorbs everything that we apply to it. Toxic chemicals and insecticides such as Permethrin or Benzene Hexachloride strip the hair follicles of their natural oils causing a drying out or scalding of the skin. Repeated exposure to these poisons (or doses) causes rawness in the affected area, extreme irritation and eventual hair thinning and loss.
On top of all this, the head lice parasite has built up a degree of immunity to such chemicals, which are rendering them less effective and in need of more strength, which in turn causes the customer more harm.

Natural Remedies for Pubic lice

A good natural treatment is a far superior solution and just as easy to find. It is also much better for you and your skin. The correct blend of essential oils will not only kill the pubic lice parasite, (even more effectively), they will not burn, dry out or harm your sensitive skin in any way. In fact natural oils will soothe and heal the rash left from scratching, they will stop the itching almost instantly and they are completely safe. Cost wise, natural essential oils are comparative to traditional chemical treatments.

In my opinion natural remedies for pubic lice are a better all round treatment Better, faster, safer, less painful, and cheaper than chemical treatments, and on top of that they will heal the tell tale signs of the infestation.

And best of all you don't have to go and see the family doctor with your problem to get the prescription, and present it to the pharmacist. Natural oils that you can mix yourself provide far more discretion. . . . you won't be left with a bottle marked “Pubic Lice Treatment" Apply twice daily. . . . . etc etc . . . . . . . WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!!!


Pubic Lice are the smaller cousin to head lice, and are talked about nowhere near as much. However they have the potential to do much more damage because the skin is a lot more sensitive in that area.

If you have pubic lice or know anyone who has, please deal with it as soon as possible, only then can usual activity continue as normal. I suggest using a natural oil recipe that you can apply immediately. More information on recommended products is available at my website below. Good Luck!

Paul Wadsworth of shows pubic lice sufferers how to overcome pubic lice infestations and minimize the risk of infection.


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