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Diabetes Type 2 Naturist Treatment The Natural Solution to Type 2 Diabetes


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People will always look for natural medication, especially individuals who do not favor fabricated or man-made drugs. The same principle applies to patients who have diabetes. These patients often look for diabetes type 2 naturist treatment as an alternative to medicine. The issue here is that many individuals seem to have taken several types of medications without truly understanding the cause of diabetes, which is very important because one can never find a solution to a problem without understanding its root cause.

It is not true that diabetes is caused by obesity. The reality is that there is only a strong correlation between the two - diabetes and obesity - because what causes diabetes type 2 can also cause obesity. If you will observe, not all diabetes type 2 patients are fat. What really causes diabetes is bad fat.

In nature, the human cell is protected by the cell wall and this cell wall is made up of natural cholesterol. The problem is, human beings nowadays ingest too much man-made cholesterol. Natural and man-made cholesterol look pretty much the same. However, man-made cholesterol makes it harder for nutrients to pass to the cell and also just as difficult for cell wastes to come out.

In essence, man-made cholesterol is rigid as opposed to natural cholesterol.

The problem with natural treatment is that is not being advertised and promoted. This is precisely because conglomerates do not want people to use this as a treatment. Companies will not earn money if they do promote natural medicine.

The most natural way of getting rid of diabetes type 2 is change of diet. The diet should not include man-made fats that cause diabetes. We are not saying that oil should be totally avoided. What we mean with this is for the patient to simply increase the intake of natural oils, such as olive oil and flaxseed oil. Accordingly, one can also use natural animal and plant fats. One can also use cod liver oil as an alternative. Always avoid junk oils and hydrogenated fat. Before making any purchase, always read the ingredients on the food label. This may be a very taxing thing to do, but it sure is worth it.

Other diabetes type 2 naturist treatments include the intake of Omega 3. Omega 3 should be taken in more amounts than Omega 6. According to many doctors, the ideal ratio Omega 3 to Omega 6 is 3:1. Other natural treatments are bitter melon, magnesium, Vitamin B12, and fulvic acids.

These are just some Diabetes Type 2 Naturist Treatment tips you should be aware of. If you or your loved ones are diagnosed with diabetes, then you should also consider Diabetes Care tips online which provides lots of diabetes information and ideas to make living with diabetes much easier.

diabetes type 2 naturist treatment

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Type 2 Diabetes - It's The Most Prevalent Form Of Diabetes In The United States
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