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Diabetes Information - Can I Get Relief Via Exercising?


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Diabetes has been considered as a serious and chronic disease by most people across the globe.

Several researches and analysts have been working really hard to find a solution that would let one live his or her life happily and in good health. Several medications and treatment options have come up in this regard.

People have also been using this remedy for their own good. However, the satisfaction rate has not been up to the mark. There are several reasons for this. People have not been considering diet and exercise, a necessary routine when it comes to treating diabetes. They just focus on taking the medicines prescribed by the health care practitioner to them.

Exercises must be considered a serious thing to include into diabetes control program. There are several ways in which exercise can help diabetes. Exercise can help in controlling your overall body weight and even in reducing blood sugar level.

It reduces your risk of heart disease. Heart diseases are quite common among people with diabetes. Exercise is also necessary to keep you feel better about your health.

When it comes to doing exercises to control diabetes, try to consult your health care practitioner. He would analyze your condition and suggest you the kind of exercise that's right for you. The type of exercise you can perform will depend on the health problems you have.

Most doctors recommend aerobic exercises. These exercises play an important role in making you breathe deeply and making the heart work harder.

Some of the common aerobic exercises include jogging, walking, bicycling and aerobic dances. In case, you find problems with the nerves existing in your feet or legs, try to continue with the type of exercises that would not put stress on your feet. You can go for swimming and certain chair exercises.

Before starting an exercise regime, it is very important to do certain warm up prior to starting and then cool down when you are done with your exercise regime. In order to warm up, you can try 5-10 minutes of low-intensity exercise such as walking. Thereafter gently stretch your body for another 5-10 minutes. These exercises should be repeated after you exercise to cool down.

Once you start on exercise regime, go slowly. You need to gradually increase the intensity and length of your workout once you start feeling fit. Remember that it is important to talk to your doctor for expert advice.

Make sure that you drink more amount of fluids during your exercise schedule. This will keep you cool. When you feel thirsty, chances are that you may get dehydrated. This type of dehydrated can seriously affect your blood sugar level. Make sure that you intake a good amount of fluid prior to, during and after exercise.

Here are some important steps you need to follow when exercising:

a) Keep your doctor informed about your exercise schedule.

b) Let your doctor tell you about the type of exercise that will suit your health condition.

c) Always check your feet for any sort of blisters or sore on you start or finish exercise.

d) Drink plenty of fluid prior to drinking and after exercising.

e) Make sure that you wear proper shoes and socks for proper exercising.

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