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Glucose Meter- Dealing With Diabetes


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Having diabetes can be worrisome especially since this disease can be the source of countless complications including gangrene which leads to amputations and loss of limbs. To avoid this and other untoward complications from happening, it is important to include regular home testing with your own blood glucose meter.

There are many different blood glucose meters and most brands and types are pretty much standard. If you are having difficulty deciding on what type of blood glucose meter to use, ask around and be sure to seek the advice and guidance of your health care provider. Together you can decide on what type of blood glucose monitor is best for you to use.

You may also call the consumer hotlines of each popular brand of blood glucose meter. The qualified consumer assistant that will answer you call can help give you the answers that you need. Naturally, if you will be asking them for opinions they will endorse their own product over the rest of the blood glucose tester brands out there. Instead of asking subjective questions, learn what objective queries you need to ask to be able to find out the pertinent answers that you have about a blood glucose meter.

Remember that if you have had more than one blood glucose meter then you may have more than one type of test strip with you. Take note that different blood glucose testers use different test strips and some will use the same. Be sure to check and recheck whether you are using the right type of test strip for the particular blood glucose meter with you. The fact that the strip fits into the blood glucose monitor is hardly the best way to tell if you are using the correct one.

To ensure that you are using your blood glucose meter correctly, be sure to get a tutorial. You may ask assistance from the company that manufactures your glucose meter or you may ask your health care provider to help you. It is also a good idea to bring your blood glucose tester with you when you visit your doctor or go for a lab test. This way you can check the accuracy of your blood glucose monitor with actual lab test.

Be ready to note a difference from the lab test reading and the reading from your blood glucose meter. It is normal to have a plus or minus 20% in the absolute number you get from your glucose tester as compared to the lab test result. Anything higher or lower than that in variance should alert you to the fact that your blood glucose monitor may be defective or not properly calibrated.

It is also possible that the big variance in test results from the actual lab test and the one from your blood glucose meter stems from the fact that they are using two different ways to measure your blood sugar. The lab test may be using a test that reads your whole blood while your blood glucose meter may be reading from a plasma sample. In this case, the variance is normal.

Learn what type of reading does your blood glucose monitor give off and how to convert one type of reading to another to be able to understand the result of your test.

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Got Diabetes and Wondering How Your Blood Glucose Monitor Actually Works?
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