Diabetes And Lovehandles - There Is A Connection

Paul Webb

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As part of having an increased health risk, those with a large mid section, or those that have love handles, are likely to develop insulin resistance. Insulin is a natural substance in your body. Its job is to be a chemical signal to your brain that tells your body to burn sugar in the blood for fuel.

When you eat, the sugars of foods that are in the blood are supposed to be burnt as fuel. In a body that is healthy in terms of insulin, the body burns through these sugars as fuel to do the things that you want them to do. But, when the body does not use these sugars for fuel they must go someplace. They end up becoming stored fat throughout the body.

When you have insulin resistance, your body has an increased amount of sugar in the blood. The body’s tissues, including muscles, become less sensitive to normal amounts of insulin in your body. To rectify this situation, the body tries to fix the situation by secreting more insulin from the pancreas. When it does this, there are additional problems that arise instead of get better.

For example, Type 2 Diabetes, the fastest growing diagnosis in overweight people, happens. Because the body is demanding additional insulin, the pancreas simply can not keep up. The end result is that diabetes occurs because the body simply can not fix the situation.

The Risks Faced
You may be thinking that you don’t likely have a problem. You just have some love handles that need to be removed. Yet, that’s a common mistake. Researchers believe that approximately one out of every four Americans is resistant to insulin. 25 percent of people in the US and other western civilizations suffer from this staggering situation.

The fact is that not only is the fatty tissue to blame, but the diet that goes along with it. If you eat foods that are heavily sugared or those that are high in carbohydrates, then you are likely to be one of the many that is insulin resistant or on the verge of becoming so. Foods like cakes, soda pop, processed foods, pizza, chips and other foods like them, make the situation ten times worse.

In addition, those that do not get enough exercise also face insulin resistance. Those that drink too much, are overly stressed, or have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure or excess body fat around the midsection are likely to suffer from insulin resistance.

Virtually anyone can reverse their situation by working not only on getting rid of love handles, but improving their overall diet and lifestyle.

Paul Webb

Diabetes and Lovehandles

Paul Webb-Paul is the owner of Treadmills.cc - Seniorshealthinfo.com . He is a firm believer in exercise and health. He has more articles, and information on health and fitness on his websites.


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