Use Berberine and Get Rid of Diabetes


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The quest for an effective and lifelong cure for diabetes is still ongoing. Although there has been significant advancement and improvement in providing a medicinal solution for the disease, such treatments are still unable to stop diabetes from taking one life after the other every year.

At the present, the best hope people has is the detection of signs and symptoms of the disease as early as possible in order to thoroughly manage diabetes while it still hasn't affected much of an individual's health. One such way is by using berberine.

What is Berberine?

With a bright yellow color, berberine can be easily found unlike other herbs. Mostly, it can be obtained through Chinese herbs such as phellodendron and coptis. Originally used as a dye, berberine has been discovered to have certain ingredients that may be effective in treating diabetes. Berberine can be also found in the Japanese plant barberry. Nowadays, berberine is a common ingredient in herbal medicine used for treating intestinal disorders.

In 1995, a study in China was conducted in order to discover if berberine had curative benefits for diabetes. It was only by fortuitous circumstances that the researchers have found out that berberine can also cause blood glucose levels to decrease when used to treat diabetic individuals with diarrhea.

Berberine has also been found by other studies able to help individuals lose weight. Another possible benefit of berberine is the lack of side effects, although this claim requires further proof. Individuals with Type II Diabetes should be glad to hear this as many of them are unable to tolerate present treatments for their condition.

One particular kind of berberine, or alkaloid berberine to be specific, is being presently investigated regarding its therapeutic components. Recent studies have found proof of alkaloid berberine being able to successfully treat hypoglycemia. An abnormally low level of blood sugar or hypoglycemia is a somewhat common side-effect of several diabetic medications.

What You Should Know about Diabetes

If you already know you've diabetes, the news about berberine has surely made your day. On the other hand, if you aren't sure if you have diabetes or not, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible with your physician. Diabetes is the type of disease that grows uglier the longer it's ignored.

The first thing you should be aware about is its symptoms:

Liquid In, Liquid Out - Do you notice that you're urinating more often than usual? Are you feeling more thirty than usual? If so, you should know that such feelings are considered indications of diabetes.

Weight - Do you feel hungry all the time? Do you seem to be losing weight for no reason at all? Such occurrences are also considered as warning signs of diabetes.

Bad Mood - Do you feel easily tired? Were you once good-natured but became easily irritated all of the sudden? If you're not suffering from PMS or heartbreak, it's possible that you already have diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

Lots of people believe that eating too much sweets or sugary foods is the main cause of diabetes. This claim however has been proven false. Sweets can lead to obesity, however, and obesity can lead to Type II diabetes.

No one really knows for sure why some people become diabetic while some do not. That's why all of us are at risk and it's in our interests to have a general check-up regularly. Forearmed, after all, is forewarned.

Karen Newton is a registered nurse and acclaimed author with over 25 years of health care experience. Her newest book, Diabetic Diet Secrets, is an easy to follow guide to losing weight and getting control of your diabetes. Karen offers a free Diabetic Tips Course at .


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Type 2 Diabetes - It's The Most Prevalent Form Of Diabetes In The United States
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