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The Benefits of a Juice Detox Diet


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The Benefits of a Juice Detox Diet

A juice detox diet could solve some of the problems associated with our rushed lifestyles today. We rely more and more on instant solutions for every aspects of life, and this includes our diets. Unfortunately, the very fast foods, preserved and ready-made foods that are most convenient, are also often nutrient deficient foods. This is because of the processes the food is submitted to. Fast foods are often high in carbohydrates and fats and almost devoid of vitamins and minerals. Most people include very few fresh fruits or vegetables in their diet. Juicing can help us restore the balance and ensure that our bodies receive all the nutrients they need.

Many people in the western world are overweight today, this is partly due to the world we are living in. We are surrounded by toxic elements. They are everywhere, in the air we breathe, the things we come in contact with as well as the food we eat. When toxins are taken up into our bodies, they get stored in fat tissue. When the body uses stored fat, the toxins are also released and need to be disposed of. Many weight loss problems are tied up with toxins. A juice diet will help us safely get rid of toxins in our bodies. Many people suffer from bloated abdomens, headaches, sluggishness, lack of energy and weight gain. These are simply symptoms of poor nutrition and the presence of toxins in our bodies. Have you ever been the victim of yo-yo dieting? After a hard struggle to lose the unwanted weight, it returns even faster, usually with interest, after stopping the diet. We need lifestyle changes and introducing a juice diet will be an excellent start.

What is Juice Detox

A juice detox or fast is a relatively short period of time (usually between 3 and 7 days) where only juices and pure water is taken. You eat no solid foods. You should drink 2 to 3 pints of juice per day during that time. The juices are varied. Both fruit and vegetable juices are mixed in combinations that suit your taste. Vegetables alone often do not have sufficient juice content while fruits are full of juice. Combining both gives you great nutritional value. You need to continue drinking plenty of water, even while on the juice diet.

Note: You should get your Doctor’s consent before starting a juice only diet. Pregnant or nursing mothers and children should never go on a juice diet. Juice only diets are designed specifically for the detoxification period alone. If you only drink juices for a long period of time, your diet will be deficient in proteins, fats and calcium, and you will suffer long-term consequences.

How does Juice Detox work?

The juicing detox cleanses the intestines and blood of toxins, then antioxidants help eliminate accumulated toxins in your body.

* Fresh juices are very easily digested and packed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants

* The juice diet gives your digestive system a break

* Your digestive system will be given time to get rid of the backlog of putrefying foodstuffs hanging around in your intestines.

* Antioxidants in the juices will search out all those destructive free radicals and neutralize them so your body can eliminate them.

Benefits of a Juice Detox:

* Toxins are eliminated from our bodies

* Immune system is boosted so the causes of many diseases will be eliminated

* Energy levels will increase

* You will sleep better

* Your powers to focus and concentrate will be improved

* You will generally look good, your skin and eyes will become bright and clear

* Your general health will be improved

* The aging process will be slowed down

* Many chronic ailments such as arthritis, heart and circulatory diseases and high blood pressure will be improved or even eliminated over time

* The desire for food binges will lessen or be completely eliminated

* Energy and vitality will be restored

Breaking the “Fast” After a Detox Diet

It is important that you add solids to your diet gradually after a period of detoxification. Add one extra solid food each day. Begin the first three days with easily digested foods like steamed vegetables or yoghurt. Introduce meat proteins only from the fourth day. Do not binge, it will make you feel sick!

What is a Juice Diet

You cannot survive long-term on juices only. After the detoxification period, include fresh juice in your daily diet. One or two servings of fresh juice per day will ensure your body is getting all the mineral and vitamin nutrients and antioxidants essential for vibrant living. You would do well to give your body a regular detox with juice only, one day a week or so. Make juicing part of your food planning and preparation.

Equipment Needed for Juicing:

You will need either a fruit and vegetable juicer or a food blender for the process. Citrus juicers are usually a separate piece of equipment from fruit and vegetable juicers that only deal with citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. You need to be careful to choose the equipment most suited to your needs.

Organically grown fruits and vegetables will have the highest quality nutrients. Use only fresh foods for juicing. Remember to include herbs in your juicing recipes. Mint, thyme, parsley, rosemary, ginger root and many other herbs add subtle variety to your juices. They are also full of wonderful nutrients.

What is the difference between Juicing and Blending?

* Juicing extracts the liquid content from the food. The content is eliminated. Pure juice without the fibre is very easily digested and absorbed into the blood stream so you will get almost instant benefits when you drink it.

* Blending includes the whole food, the food is actually pulped and the fibre remains in the pulp mixture. It is not as easily absorbed and the digestive system will have to deal with the fibre content. Pulps are not so rapidly absorbed.

For the purposes of detox, it is therefore more beneficial to use a masticating juicer but if one of these is not available, any juice extractor will suffice. In order to take weight off and keep it off, it is necessary to make lifestyle changes. The juice detox diet is a lifestyle diet. It is a new and different way of looking at and preparing food. Once your body is receiving all the necessary nutrients, there will be no more cravings for junk foods. Following the juice diet will ensure that you receive all the nutrients you need to live a healthy life and to fight off disease and toxins while keeping your body satisfied.


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