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Andre Buckland Park Rochester Andre Alves Rochester NY Town of Brighton NY Buckland Park


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Andre Alves Rochester NY Buckland Park Brighton NY

Andre from Rochester NY talks about the Buckland Park located in the town of Brighton NY, Andre Alves spends a lot of his free time during the warm Rochester summer months playing and coaching soccer at the town of Brighton NY. Brighton is a suburb located north of Pittsford NY and south from the west side suburbs.

After conducting a short investigation about the park’s history, Andre Alves found out that the park was a former Farm /Buckland Brickyard. In 1815 Mr. Buckland purchased and cleared 50 acres of dense native forest with the intent to farm the land, however he had no success in the farming business because the land was made up of sandy and clay soil. Later on the land was used as a brick factory by the same family. It was a very successful business and closed down in the early 1900. Above map (shows in yellow) the location of the Buckland Farm in Rochester NY (Town of Brighton NY) back in the 1800s.

Andre identified himself with Mr. Buckland a successful business owner in Brighton NY that managed to stay in business for over 80 years. Andre Alves also quotes the 1814 words from Mr. Buckland himself. “I moved to Brighton and located on the tract of land which is now known as the Schenck farm and lying within the city limits. He paid $7 an acre for this land, which was little better than a wilderness. Trees had to be cut down to make a roadway for carts, oxen being the only roadsters we had in those days. Mr. Buckland was the seventh family to locate in the town of Brighton. ”

Andre Alves from Rochester NY explains that he did not need to cut down any trees or clear any land in order to start up his business. We had to do a little remodeling and renovation at our building on 5 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford NY in the historical village.

For almost 100 years this land was declared abandoned farm land, the original 50 acres of land was divided in 3 pieces; The Park uses 28 acres, the Faith Temple owns 17 acres and a private individual owns the remaining 5 acres. The town of Brighton is trying to acquire the remaining 22 acres in order to attach to the park and prevent that developments will occur. The Faith Temple already stated that they have plans to develop the area; the United States Supreme Court is evaluating the case.

The Park is located on 1300 Westfall road in Brighton NY, being very close to MCC and Henrietta. Since the native vegetation was cleared by Mr. Buckland the area is manmade however its Creek is natural and the water is very clean. In a sense was a blessing for this land to be abandoned and vacant for so long because it helped the land to stay unharmed.

Buckland Park in Rochester NY Town of Brighton NY Andre Alves Rochester

The town of Brighton acquired 28 acres from the park in 1992 and started a development plan to build the Park; a team effort was done with the Rotary Club and New York State in order to get enough money to conclude the project. Brighton only had one more park and this open land was perfect to become a park mentions Andre Alves from Rochester NY and also a Brighton resident.

This park has significant environmental constraints, including wetlands, a large area in the Buckland Creek and several woodlots. It is also very significant because the park is surrounded by residential and commercial developments. It also has a trail that could be used for hiking and walking once it is completed, due to the fact that the trees still relatively young the trail’s usage could be limited.

Since the original vegetation was cleared a very early succession process has been taking place. Not many natural young trees around since the soil is made up of sand and clay. The Town of Brighton has planted new trees with the hope to restore the park to its original state.

While walking the trails at the Buckland park in Rochester NY, I found out that in some types of soils, once the native vegetation is removed is very hard for trees to grow again due to erosion, lack of nutrients that can be just on the top layers of the soil. A reforestation is needed in order to restore the land to its original state. In many places they developed a soft gel where the seed goes inside and it provides enough moisture to the plant to develop regardless of rain or soil humidity mentions Andre Alves in Rochester.

Because the park was abandoned for so long and re opened this year there are not records anywhere of animals that habitat that area. From my observation I can assume that the wetland life is very rich since is very present in the land, small animals such as foxes, skunks, rabbits because I have observed them over the years since I live so close to it. I also saw indication of Deer by looking at broken branches and chewed shrubs.

The Faith Temple has a plan to develop the other part of the land they own by building and not leaving the land to its original state. The Town of Brighton still can loose in court and never acquire the other half of the park that will be then developed and all the wetland lost as well. This land has been thru a lot since 1815 when it was cleared and later used as a brick factory. Some sources state that clay was extracted from the soil in order to produce bricks but I have no confirmation on that information.

It is also a concern that the newly planted trees may not develop because of the soil’s condition. Also the house needs to be restored and it has been closed in order to prevent people from trespassing and breaking inside the property. Vandalism could occur to the house since no one’s lives there anymore.

To me the park looks too urbanized because it has too much concrete, I would use more of the natural resources and make it a little more rustic, the impression it gives me is the same of people that bring generators, TVs, and radios when they have to go camping instead of just appreciating and enjoying the beauties of nature.

On the other hand I think we are very lucky to have a park with 50 acres once completed right in the middle of a well developed suburban area and this to me means a lot more than the quantity of cement was used in the building of the park.

The historic value of this land is something to be counted as well, Mr. Buckland and his family were the 7th family to settle down in Brighton back in 1815. The wetland bio diversity is also something that has to be counted as well, besides Mendon and Buckland Parks, no other park has natural wetlands in Monroe County, areas like this park are essential for a better quality of life in Rochester NY mentions Andre Alves.


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