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Detox and Cleanse A Simple 5 Day Body Detox and Cleanse Plan


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You might think that your body is fully fit and healthy, and to some degree this might be true, but how clogged up is your system? Every day you walk around outside, breathing in pollutants, car fumes and other airborne toxins that are not good for your body. The food you eat, some of it isn't so good for you and can leave toxins and other undesirable waste behind in your system. So just because you don't appear unhealthy on the outside, this doesn't mean that on the inside your body is not as healthy as it should be. What you need to do at least a few times a year is put your body on an easy, simple to follow detox and cleanse.

The Simple 5-Day Detox and Cleanse:

1. ) Eat lots of good foods - this means only eating freshly cooked foods that consist of things like fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables. Foods that contain lots of oil, salt, fat and carbohydrates are a big no, no. You need to give your body only the good foods during the 5-day detox and cleanse plan. If you stick to these foods, you will start to see good results before long.

2. ) Avoid bad foods - This means giving up all of the treats and snacks that may have been feasting on recently. Chocolate, bread based foods, sweets, puddings and all things like this are also a big no, no and should be avoided at all costs during the Detox and Cleanse process. Once you finish the process, you can treat yourself again, but for the duration of the cleanse they are better off avoided.

3. ) Drink lots of water - Believe it or not, drinking more water is actually better for you than drinking only a little. Why? Firstly, it keeps you fully hydrated and feeling a lot better both physically and mentally. Secondly and most importantly, your body uses water for digestion. If the body doesn't have enough water then digestion is slower and you will store and toxins up for much longer. Drink plenty of water, around 1-2 litres per day and your body will be able to flush out toxins much quicker than before

4. ) Detox and Cleanse quarterly - This means that you should follow this simple system around 4 times per year. For simplicity and maximum effectiveness, leave an equal gap between each detox (4 months should suffice).

So there we go, if you follow this super-simple system quarterly, you will soon notice your body feeling cleaner on the inside, you will have more energy, you will sleep better and a whole host of other benefits that will leave you feeling like new on the inside and out. Now, what could be better than that!

Want to know how to easily expand this simple detox process into a Full, 100% Body Detox and Cleanse with long-lasting results? Discover how The Master Cleanse Secrets can achieve this for you from the very moment you start using it!


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