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Overcoming Depression - Resolving and Releasing the Source of Depression

Pete Koerner

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Modern medicine claims that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance; but, despite all their science and drugs, they are yet to find a way to balance the so-called imbalanced chemicals, or replace them, or stop the imbalance. Anti-depressants are a dangerous way to address a problem that starts in the mind; and pharmaceutical chemicals don't truly address the underlying cause of depression, anyway - they simply alter the way you feel and perceive things. To overcome depression, each individual must learn which thoughts create the chemical imbalance we experience as depression, and which thoughts produce healthier, more beneficial chemistry in the body.

Depression is essentially chronic sadness, fear, anger, grief, guilt, etc. When a person feels deep anger or resentment, and doesn't feel they have a right to feel this way, they have the ingredients for depression. Hopelessness can also set up the stressful conditions we experience as depression. True, depression alters the body's chemistry - creating an imbalance of certain hormones, or chemicals of emotion - but so do elation and happiness. It is useful to note that it is the depressed mental state that creates the neural and chemical signals and impulses that put your body chemistry out of balance - not the other way around. The chemicals that are said to be out-of-balance in cases of depression are released in response to certain kinds of thought processes - specifically those I listed above.

In order to reverse this pattern, and these thoughts, corrective thought patterns need to be learned, or programmed into your psyche, so you can access those positive thoughts and create the positive, healing chemistry that goes along with positive, healing thoughts. Louise Hay, in her book, “Heal Your Body, " lists the following affirmation as a potential remedy for the kinds of thinking that typically lead to depression: “I now go beyond other people's fears and limitations. I create my life. " Repeat this affirmation several times after waking-up in the morning, and several times before going to bed at night. You can repeat it over and over again while taking a shower, driving in your car, walking, or anytime you want. It may even help to write it down and leave yourself a reminder on the mirror or refrigerator.

Like “The Little Engine Who Could, " if you simply repeat the affirmative thought pattern over and over again, you will eventually learn it and begin to believe it. When you believe it, you shift from, “I think I can, " to “I know I can. " There are methods available to help you let-go of obsessive, negative thinking; or you can simply reason with yourself: “I'm the only one thinking for me; if I don't start thinking more positive thoughts, and take responsibility for maintaining them, then I will continue to go through life depressed and only showing-up partly - just enough to claim my role of ‘victim. ’ And I do not want to do that!" If you've made that decision, then advice like, “Don't worry; be happy, " and, “Fear not; be of good cheer, " may start to make more sense to you. You only have to choose between fear and faith. Now that you know what fear looks and feels like, why not try faith and optimism for a change? Start with an affirmation; and let it build from there. Before you know it, if you've established the right incentive for thinking more positive thoughts, you will have released the source of your depressed thoughts and life. Remember the ancient, scriptural teaching, “Declare a thing and it is so;" and declare to and for yourself, “I now create my life with ease and joy. " Stick with this resolution, and so it will be.

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Pete Koerner is a clinical hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, and the author of The Belief Formula: The Secret to Unlocking the Power of Prayer. The Belief Formula is a look at how you can use ancient wisdom and modern scientific awareness to learn how to use your mind to reclaim your health and create the life of your dreams.

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