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Depression - Can Energy Healing Help Heal Depression?


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Can't fight your way out of the depressions box? Can energy healing help heal depression? Absolutely! Read on and consider one of the energy healing modalities (Brennan Healing, Healing Touch, Reiki) as part of your healing plan.

Everything you see, hear, taste, smell, touch has a vibration. A low music note is a different vibration than a high note. The color red is a different vibration than blue or green. Likewise you body is a computation of vibrations. Your moods and emotions have vibrations. Moods and emotions interact with your body and vice versa. “Joy" has a different chemical make up than that of being “bummed out".

We have an aura, or an envelop, of energy that surrounds and penetrates the body. The aura contains the templates for the body, all our thoughts, our emotions, our relationships, our beliefs, and our connection with the Divine. It is all vibration. Illness (low vibration) occurs in the aura first before it manifests in the body. And like wise, illness is healed in the aura before physical healing occurs. Energy healing modalities such as Brennan Healing Science or Healing Touch or Reiki open, balance and charge the energy field.

Oh, you don't see auras or energy fields. Well, let me give you some visuals. Think of someone who has a “sunny" disposition (higher vibration). Or think of another person who is angry (lower vibration, with chaos). The person who is sunny would look and feel different than the one who is angry and giving off sparks. For an example of depression (very low vibration), I think of “Pig Pen" from the Peanut Cartoon. Poor, Pig Pen is depicted as disheveled, and with a cloud of dirt all around him.

Depression is a lot like that. The aura is dense, murky, congested, weighted down. If you are in this state, you know that it is very hard for someone's kind words to get through. Energy work takes the denseness, congestion, murkiness and weight out of the energy field. It opens the energy field, restores balance and can charge the field. It changes the pattern, for a time at least. With some work, the client learns the difference between the “depression" pattern (Pig Pen) and a healthier pattern of say “sunny" and how to move from depression to happy and satisfied.

Consider including energy healing as part of your healing plan. I invite you to visit for more information about energy healing and depression.


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