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Depression In Teenagers - Understanding The Problem


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Most teenagers already deal with plenty of daily stress brought about by social influences and rapid physical, emotional, and mental changes. So it is not surprising that depression in teenagers can have severe implications on the development of social skills, health, emotional stability, and mental development. Things can get even worse if the depression is accompanied by major life changes. Just changes as simple as moving from a small junior high school to a large high school can overwhelm a depressed teenager.

Many parents are shocked when one day their sweet children turn into irritable troublemakers. These parents dismiss it as just becoming teenagers. There may be cases where that is true, but it may also be one of the major symptoms of depression. One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is to miss this symptom of depression in teenagers. Other symptoms parents should be on the lookout for include unusual tantrums, sudden changes in weight, a lack of interest in things that the teenager normally enjoys, insomnia, oversleeping, truancy, and mood swings. These symptoms don't necessarily mean a teenager has depression, but it is too important not to get an appointment with a professional in dealing with depression in teens.

Treating Depression in Teenagers

Depression is a very serious mental health issue that should not be dealt with lightly. It is more than just something someone can pull themselves out of and get over. It brings with it despair and a lack of hope for the future. Mental and physical fatigue soon set in to the point where getting out of bed and going about a daily routine is physically exhausting. A mental health practitioner or other doctor can help diagnose depression and get the teenager his or her life back.

Proper diagnosis of depression in teenagers requires special training. But the treatment plan for teenage depression is not very different from the treatment plan for adult depression. If you seek treatment from a psychiatrist it is nearly a sure bet that psychotherapy will be a part of the recommended treatment plan. In most cases, you are better off with a psychologist with training in cognitive behavioral therapy and who specializes in dealing with children or teenagers. Medications will also be provided for treating depression in teenagers to help the teenagers function better while they deal with the depression. Treatment generally works best if the whole family gets involved.

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Depression Medicine - Understanding Your Options
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