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Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Depression - 4 Quick Tips To Deal With Depression Fast


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Are you displaying the signs and symptoms of anxiety depression? Do you have panic attacks, feeling stressed out or depressed? If so, you may be suffering from Anxiety. Read on to find out about the most common signs and symptoms of anxiety depression and how to deal with and treat anxiety.

  • 1) Types of Anxiety:

    1. Panic disorder: panic attacks, which are caused by situations that bring on feelings of anxiety for no apparent reason.
    2. Phobias: Agoraphobia = the fear of going into wide open spaces and crowds / Social phobia = fear of meeting new people and worries of what others think of you.
    3. OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder includes reoccurring obsessions that trigger feeling of disgust. Sufferers will commonly have issues with germs, resulting in constant hand washing.
    4. Generalised Anxiety Disorder/Anxiety Depression: is a long term disorder, where sufferers will experience constant stress and worries (see below for more on the common signs and symptoms anxiety depression).

  • 2) Signs and symptoms of anxiety depression Physiological effects: muscle tension, headaches, nausea, tiredness, trembling, pins and needles, frequent visits to the toilet and insomnia. Signs and symptoms of anxiety depression Mental and emotional effects: increased worrying and tension, restlessness, feeling edgy, easily startled, difficulty concentrating, constantly worried, feeling uneasy, thinking that you are going mad and a lack of control over your actions. Panic Attacks: shortness of breath, palpitations, a pounding heart, chest pains, shaking, hot/cold flashes and dizziness.

  • 3) Causes: anxiety and depression can both be genetic and run in families. Chemical changes in the brain can often bring on depression, but the most common reason for anxiety is caused by ones environment. Stress at work, abuse, death of a loved one, moving or changing jobs or losing a job are often sited as the main causes.

  • 4) Getting help: more than 4 million Americans suffer from anxiety, so remember you're not the only one in the world who is feeling like this. Getting help for anxiety and depression is easy then ever and there are so many options available to you. Some of the most effective cures are relaxation techniques, regular exercise, a good diet, monitoring your moods, group support, professional help, CBT and medication.
If you have been experiencing the Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Depression for more than two weeks you should seek some medical advice from a professional. For even more information on Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Depression click on the links below.

Click Here To Find Out How You Can Finally Overcome The Symptoms of Anxiety Depression
Click Here To See How Others Are Beating Bipolar & Depression Right Now
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Depression - Checklists of Symptoms of Clinical Depression
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