When to Call On an Oral Surgeon

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An oral surgeon is a specialized provider of dental care. Often, individuals will see their family dentist Salt Lake City to get the dental care they need including checkups and cleanings. However, from time to time there becomes the need to get additional care and service for more extensive treatments. This is when a professional like this can come into play. Generally, you will only see an oral surgeon if your dentist Salt Lake City recommends it due to the results from a checkup. When you do need to see one, do not put it off.

There are many instances when calling on an oral surgeon becomes necessary. Every situation is important to consider, of course, but often this specialized Salt Lake City Dentist is necessary for health and cosmetic needs based on your specific circumstances. The following are some instances when you need this specific help.

You may have impacted teeth: Due to the difficult process of removing them, you may need to turn to an oral surgeon for the removal process.

Tumor or cyst: If you have a tumor or a cyst in your mouth or in the neck area, the specialized dentist Salt Lake City can often help you to obtain this level of care as well. They can help with the analysis, determination of the need and the removal procedure.

Cleft condition: There are people who have cleft conditions that include may include a cleft tongue or a cleft palate; in either situation, these oral surgeons can help you to get the treatment you need to improve function and appearance in these situations.

Sleep Apnea: If you are struggling with sleep apnea, a condition in which the airway is blocked due to the structure of the back of the throat or due to too much tissue being present you no doubt should consult an oral surgeon. This left threatening condition may be solved through a surgical procedure to remove some of the excess tissues present here.

Repair from injury: You may need to have an oral surgeon help to repair damage from an injury or to improve the construction of your face from a deformity caused by something else. New procedures make it easier and far more possible to have these types of procedures done correctly by an oral surgeon. They can often help with cheek, eye socket, jaw and nose fractures or changes.

Bite: This specialist Salt Lake City dentist can help with the correction of a person's bite. This improves your ability to eat and speak as well as improves your cosmetic appearance. Many times, these procedures can create a remarkable difference in the health of your body.

An oral surgeon can provide a range of services to help an individual to get healthy. The key is to take the steps necessary to talk to this professional about your needs and to find out, usually after a consultation, if and how they can help. Most people will find remarkable solutions that are less invasive than they thought but that can improve their overall ability to smile many times over.


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