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Cosmetic dentistry deals with different types of treatment that enhance the persons smile and corrects their teeth that are disfigured due to a number tooth related problems. Cosmetic dentists are doctors that deal with the dental health of our teeth, gums and other related parts using surgical techniques. Cosmetic dentistry is a different branch of medical profession; there are two well defined fields of cosmetic dentistry which are explained as follows:

Prosthodontics and orthodontics: Prosthodontics is related with classification, planning treatment, healing and upkeep of oral functions, look and health of absent and deficient teeth. Prosthodontics requires the physician to undergo 3 years of training known as Prosthodontistry. Orthodontics is connected with the identification, prevention, stopping and improvement of neuromuscular and skeletal abnormalities. Orthodontists are dentists with 3 years of training called as Orthodontists.

In addition to major dental problems there are several other treatments for correcting dental problems and these come under cosmetic dentistry such as whitening that is also known as bleaching of teeth; it is the most prevalent method in market, through which discolored teeth are made white with the help of bleach. Enamel shaping deals in removing portion of disfigured enamel in order to give the teeth a better look. It is also addressed as Enameloplasty.

Contouring or tooth reshaping is used for restructuring any damaged or out of shape teeth. The duration of contouring is very short and under some given conditions contouring acts as a replacement for braces. It is useful in improving size, structure and location of teeth. Dental implants refer to a procedure in which an implant made of titanium gets fitted into jaw bone to replace missing teeth. Bonding is another procedure under the Cosmetic dentistry that deals with application of material on teeth to give them a new look and feel. A dental bridge is a process used for filling the space of missing teeth between two adjacent teeth. These teeth are known as fixed bridges and they are non- removable. Dental bridges have many plus points; they lower the chances of gum related diseases, boost chewing process and even enhance the ability to speak clearly.

Dental veneers refer to a method that acts as replacement for whitening of teeth. It is useful for filing gaps in teeth and colors the faded teeth. Gum lift is a technique useful for lifting your gums; the tissues and bones of the gums are given good looks. Earlier material used for dental fillings was mainly gold and other metals. Porcelain was commonly used in lesser quantity for fillings, but now dental veneers can be made totally with porcelain and other composite materials. These materials give the teeth a more natural look.

There is a common misconception that cosmetic dentistry or even visiting cosmetic dentists is costly; there are now various cost effective techniques. Patients can undergo multiple session that are not expensive by any stretch. The treatment also depends upon the kind of dentist one chooses for treatment. Skilled and capable dentist with relevant experience is the best solution for cosmetic dentistry. Better advice is to contact individuals who have undergone cosmetic dentistry or dental implants procedures.


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