How to Get a Smile Makeover

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There are a number of dental services that are offered by dentists Salt Lake City but the majority of people don’t really know about them. Getting a smile makeover in Salt Lake City requires that you get the services of a professional oral surgeon; they have the wherewithal to improve a person’s general aesthetic appearance as well as improving the condition of the gums, teeth, and the bite. There are a number of cosmetic surgery treatments that are offered by your oral surgeon in Salt Lake City that includes dental crowns, teeth whitening procedures , dental implants, composite fillings in addition to orthodontics. These are some of the most common dental procedures that have the capacity to positively impact your appearance and will also go on to enhance you total dental health.

Teeth whitening: Zoom whitening is a professional teeth whitening service where dentist uses some prescription strength bleaches in order to make your teeth whiter. This is a professional process that goes beyond the typical stain removal because it can penetrate that dentin of your teeth to make your teeth whiter from within. There are other teeth whitening service procedures that you can choose from once you visit your family dentist Salt Lake City; the options will basically depend on the severity of the stains in addition to your desired outcomes.

There are dentists Salt Lake City who provide in-office teeth whitening service; the name emanates from the speedy results of the procedure. This is currently the fastest teeth whitening service known and, because of its speed, it can easily accommodate anyone no matter how busy their schedule is. This treatment has taken smile makeover in Salt Lake City to a completely new level of perfection and all that on requires is a single treatment; patients appreciate the fact that they can get at least eight shades lighter in a time period of less than an hour. Apart from the regular in-office teeth whitening service, the dental assistant is able to manufacture a set of custom take home trays that people can take home just in case they need any extra touch-ups.

Bonding and veneers: Bonding is another smile makeover in Salt Lake City treatment that helps in the treatment of teeth that are cracked, stained, broken or those that have undesired spaced in between them; your Salt Lake City dentist uses materials that have colors resembling your teeth to surface them. Veneers, on the other hand, refer to thin porcelain shells that can be custom made in order to cover the front parts of your teeth and disguise any form of discoloration.

Tooth reshaping: This smile makeover in Salt Lake City treatment has the main objective of improving the general appearance of a patient’s teeth by removing the enamel or modifying them in one way or another; in most cases dentists Salt Lake City do reshaping while they are doing teeth bonding treatments. Since we live in a generation that believes that image is everything and everyone wants to keep a youthful appearance, visit a dental clinic Salt Lake City for advice.


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