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Three Food Habits That Damage Teeth


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We never really pay attention to our teeth beyond the daily brushing and occasional flossing until we begin to experience some pain or discomfort. Even after this happens, most of us try some home remedy such as a sucking on clove or using a painkiller and postpone visiting a dentist because we anticipate it will involve a greater suffering. Often, the damage that is causing the pain is a result of faulty food habits; if only you pay a little more attention to what you put into your mouth every day, you can cut down on visits to a Vancouver dentist. Here is a list of the 5 common food habits that are most likely to damage teeth.

Sucking on a Long-lasting Sweet
Most mints, candies, caramels and lozenges are full of sugar and this is bad for teeth. Unlike something like ice-cream or cake or soft drinks that quickly moves down your throat into the stomach, these long-lasting sweets stay in contact with the teeth for very long and this means extended exposure to acid. Over time, this tends to have a demineralizing effect on the teeth, weakening them considerably, and acting as a trigger for other complications to develop. Therefore, avoid such foods as far as possible and if you need to use lozenges regularly, check if you can find a sugar-free variety.

Eating Dried Fruits
Most fruits are best consumed when fresh because they contain a higher proportion of vitamins and minerals. Nowadays, dried varieties of fruits such as apricots and raisins are marketed as healthy snack options; however, it is a fact that these dried varieties are a richer source of sugar than the fresh fruit. Besides, most such dried fruits tend to become sticky when wetted with saliva in the mouth and fragments sticking in the crevices between teeth can trap more food debris, leading to decaying teeth.

Crunching Hard Foods
You may not consciously choose to eat hard foods but your teeth get exposed to them when you eat certain foods that have a hard component such as a nut within a chocolate, the husk portion of the popcorn or the ice in your drink. Crunching such food poses a danger of damaging your teeth or the soft underlying gums; besides, the husk or fiber from the nut may get lodged within the teeth and attract bacterial growth and tooth decay. Crunching ice is even more harmful because it could cause tiny cracks to begin forming that reduce the toughness of teeth and such teeth are more prone to chip and crack.

Anyone who has visited a Vancouver dentist for a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction will testify to the discomfort it causes. Despite the advances in dental treatment technology, there is bound to be some pain after the procedure until the healing is completed. Therefore, it makes sense to watch what you eat and keep tooth damage to a minimum for healthy teeth that last for long without needing treatment.

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