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Stay Away from Sweets if you are Wearing Braces


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People who wear braces should take a lot of care while choosing the foods and liquids they consume because these can interfere with the working of the braces and more importantly, lead to other dental problems. As the festive season approaches, brace- wearers need to be extra cautious and refrain particularly from eating certain kinds of sweets because most orthodontic appliances tend to lose their positions and can also cause a bad bite.

Amongst other festivities, Halloween is the time when people are most likely to indulge their sweet tooth, consuming candies and chocolates. Candies and other hard sweets tend to be difficult to bite down on and are also sticky and chewy; these are best avoided to prevent damage to braces and aligners. Apart from being uncomfortable, broken braces mean a longer duration of treatment and extra visits to the orthodontist. Extended treatment time also increases the risk of developing cavities and teeth are more likely to get stained.

Orthodontic-friendly Sweets
Vancouver dentistry experts advise people who wear braces to choose sweets that are easy on orthodontic appliances and can therefore be consumed without any worry. Orthodontic patients should opt for soft sweets that do not harm the braces. Any food that is sticky and chewy should be avoided by people who wear braces and aligners. If you use a little imagination, it is quite easy to prepare a few such treats with easy-to-chew ingredients at home itself - soft chocolate and peanut butter cups are a few examples of melt- in- your- mouth treats.

Make sure you avoid foods and sweets that contain ingredients such as caramel, taffy, nuts, popcorn and corn kernels, licorice, gum, taco chips, jelly beans, hard pretzels and ice.
Although it is alright to indulge in sweets occasionally, it is important to keep the braces and teeth clean. Orthodontist patients should not only brush but also floss after every meal. The orthodontic appliances, teeth and gums must be kept clean at all the times. If patients maintain oral hygiene and follow the orthodontist’s instructions, the treatment can finish on time and produce the desired results.

Orthodontic Appliance Damage
It is not uncommon, especially during the festive season, for brace wearers to suffer from damage to their appliance. If you experience any such incident in which your orthodontic appliance is affected, it is vital you contact your orthodontist at the earliest to correct the damage. A telephonic consultation may suffice to deal with small alignment problems that you can fix yourself by following your orthodontist’s instructions. If you find the damage involves loose wire and brackets, he or she may advice you on applying orthodontic wax until such time as you can schedule a visit to the Vancouver dentistry clinic.

Although displaced braces can be re-aligned, broken braces need to be replaced with new ones and this is not just an added expense, it also prolongs the treatment time. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful while eating candies and sweets along with other foodstuffs.

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