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Macquarie Dental – Wisdom Teeth Removal


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One type of popular cosmetic dentistry procedure is dental bleaching which is also known as tooth whitening. A child’s baby teeth are usually whiter than the adult teeth that grow later on. Teeth can also start to get stained due to bacteria and tobacco. Some antibiotic medicines can also cause tooth stains or reduce enamel. According to the Food and Drug Administration, tooth bleaching restores the natural tooth colour and it also whitens beyond the natural colour of the teeth.

There are a few ways to whiten teeth such as:


-bleaching strips

-bleaching pen

-bleaching gel

-laser bleaching

-natural bleaching

Whiteners that used at home and which are used overnight usually contain a carbamide peroxide gel which reacts with water and forms hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide has roughly one third of the strength that hydrogen peroxide does. In saying that, this means that 15% of the carbamide peroxide solution is approximate equivalent of a 5% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth whiteners can be purchased over the counter in kits. These kits whiten the teeth by using small strips that are placed over the front of the teeth. The penetration into the porosities crystal structure of the enamel by the oxidisingagent, bleaches the stain spots in the teeth’s dentin.

Power bleaching is when light energy is used in order to speed up the process of bleaching in the office of a dental practice. Bleaching of teeth can last for a few months but it may vary according to lifestyle of the patient. Things that can decrease whitening includes smoking and drinking dark coloured drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine. Dentures can be whitened by using special denture cleaners. The internal staining of dentin can discolour teeth from the insdie out. Internal bleaching can fix this problem. If staining is heavy and teeth bleaching/whitening is not effective, there are other way of whitening teeth. Bonding is one option. This is when a thin coating of composite material is put onto the front of a person’s teeth and is then treated with a blue light in order to mask staining. Another option to this are veneers. The can also mask tooth discolouration.

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Macquarie Dental Care was designed with your oral health and comfort in mind. Our contemporary dental practice incorporates the very latest dentistry techniques and treatments; specifically chosen to enhance your oral well- being and create beautiful smiles.


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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Symptoms
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