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Tonsil Stones And How To Treat It


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Bad breath is often associated with tonsil stones, as bad breath is the symptom of this condition while this condition is the cause of bad breath. How is that so? Tonsil stones are the formation of all the unwanted entities in our mouth, such as oral bacteria, dead white blood cells, postnasal drip and others. In ordinary circumstances, these entities would be stored in our tonsil cavities and would eventually be disposed of through our faeces or out of our mouths when we brush our teeth or rinse our mouth with water or mouthwash.

However, if our oral hygiene is bad, these would accumulate and form up over one another which end up becoming tonsil stones. Alternatively, if our body is overproducing all these unwanted substances and our tonsils cannot dispose of them in time, these tonsil stones would form in our tonsil cavities.

Getting rid of tonsil stones once they are formed is not too difficult. In most cases, after brushing your teeth, just use mouthwash thoroughly and these stones will be dislodged from your tonsils. If this does not work, you might want to try gargling salt water instead. Do this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night until your stones are gone.

Another way to instantly get rid of these stones is to look into your mouth via a mirror and with a cotton bud, push it gently against your tonsils and rub them upwards. These will force the stones out of the tonsil cavities. It should be noted however that your gag reflex might kick in, so make sure you do this at least an hour after your previous meal.

In more severe cases however, all these will not work as your tonsil stones might be too large or your body might be overproducing all these undesirable substances and your tonsils are not able to keep up with this. Even if you manage to get these stones out manually, they will only keep reforming and your condition will still remain the same. What you need is a proper and permanent treatment.

Surgery is definitely an option to completely remove your tonsils so that the tonsil stones would never return. Without your tonsils, how would these stones form? This process however is expensive, painful and mentally distressing. While most of us would not want to live with tonsil stones forever, surgery might still a little too much. There is, of course, an alternative which would get rid of your tonsil stones forever and does not come with any pain at all.

Jerry Redcliffe is an ex-tonsil stones sufferer who finally found a cure after 3 months of suffering from it. You can check out his recent website Rid of Tonsil Stones , where he tells his story, as well as provides detailed information on what causes tonsil stones , and advice on the proper tonsil stones treatment .


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