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Toothache Remedies –Find The Best Toothache Remedies Guaranteed


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Toothache remedies do exist and there are many different types of solutions but you have to be careful in selecting which one you choose to use because certain remedies are not remedies and will make your toothache worse rather than better. Having a toothache can be really annoying since it can affect the quality of your life negatively by preventing you from enjoying certain types of foods, decreasing your productivity because of the pain and in severe cases giving you a headache because of the intense pain associated with the ache. Even worse you may have had a great night on the town planned with a special someone but now you cannot go out and enjoy the town because your toothache is forcing you to stay in and only eat soft foods. Although right now you may feel like the annoying pain of the ache deep inside your tooth may never go away you should realize that it will not be a permanent problem because certain toothache remedies are existent.

When it comes to toothache remedies you want it to be natural. Therefore a good way to temporarily relieve the toothache is to use clove oil. This oil contains natural antiseptic and antibacterial solutions that kill bacteria and toxins completely.

More importantly it contains eugenol which has been proven to be very effective at keeping toothache pain at bay. What you want to do is take three to four drops of clove oil and a quarter table spoon of virgin olive oil and mix them together. Once you do that you want to take a cotton swab and place the swab in between the source of your toothache and the gum line. This is one of the toothache remedies that can help keep pain under control for a few hours but not make it go away completely. Although this is a working remedy it may be incontinent for you because not every store will carry that clove oil and you may not have organic only stores around you to purchase it at. Especially since the pain relief will only be temporary.

Another good way to get rid of the pain is to take pain killers such as Codeine and Vicodin. You can go to your local dentist office and have these drugs prescribed to you depending on the level of the pain you are experiencing. The drugs contain numbing agents that temporarily paralyze the pain and can help you get on with your day again.

The problem with these pills is that they are often expensive and you can get easily addicted to them. In terms of toothache remedies you want to find a solution that is painless, natural and can cure your toothache almost immediately. You also want a product that has a track record of getting rid of the toothache pain permanently.

Lastly you want a product that comes with a guarantee since when you pull out your credit card you want to know that you are not risking anything besides getting rid of that pain eating away at your tooth. To find the best toothache remedies click here .


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