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Taking Care of Your Teeth

Jamie Oliver

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There's often been a saying among dentists, “Floss only the teeth you want to keep. " There's nothing like having clean, healthy teeth. Healthy teeth not only benefits others around you, but it ultimate helps you to benefit yourself in the long run.

But sadly, many today do not care for their teeth. Such oral conditions as gingivitis is very common. Gingivitis is an oral condition in which the gums of the teeth, not being properly brushed and flossed, develops a hard substance on it known as calculus, commonly known as plaque.

Once plaque sets in, it forms on the teeth and gums, causing the individual to have an unsightly appearance. If not taken care of can develop into peridontal disease, in which the gums becomes infected, developing a brownish hue on the gums, which causes the gums to give off a foul odor, similar to feces. Such a serious tooth condition can indeed be very uncomfortable and unpleasant for both the sufferer and people that they are around.

Keep one's teeth not only is essential, but is also life-saving as well. How so? In recent years, many doctors have linked heart attacks, for example, with having bad teeth. Teeth not brushed regularly creates germs, and germs go through one's bloodstream, which can eventually clot up, or stop up the blood, restricting the flow of blood to the heart.

This is why it is all the more important to develop the habit of brushing and flossing regularly. Oral hygiene is just as essential to a person's health as one's general physical hygiene. But as indicated earlier, most people do not seem to give attention to this part of their daily hygiene.

How can people who have problems maintaining proper oral hygiene help to save their teeth? They need to get into the habit of brushing and flossing their teeth regularly, and that means daily. This can be more simpler than most people may realise.

How so? All they have to do is to follow a simple recipe, as it were, of keeping their teeth their clean. Most people buy toothpastes that have fluoride, a cavity-fighting agent, and if this is what they choose to use, and it works for them, that is fine.

Still there are others who use toothpastes that have bleaching agents in them, that is conducive in helping them to fight cavities as well, in addition to keep their teeth clean and healthy. It seems there are more and ore of such brands of toothpastes that are being developed with the pupose of cleansing one's teeth, keeping them healthy, bright and white.

For those who may choose home remedies, baking soda has proven to be an excellent cleansing agent in helping to keep a person's teeth clean. Of course, for many the taste of baking soda is rather unpleasant, but a person can use such things as mint to help to make its taste easier to accept.

Make sure also to floss your teeth. One of the major reasons why cavities form is because food gets lodged in betwwen the teeth, which stays there for days causing the acid from such foods to wear down on the enamel, or surface, developing into cavities, which if not corrected, can only get worse and worse. Flossing one's teeth, or making sure these particles are removed by means of a stringlike device, helps to prevent that from occuring.

So brush and floss your teeth regularly after every meal. Make this a daily habit. And in time, you will have teeth that are clean, healthy and white. And after all, isn't that what you really want?


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Every Day Teeth Care Tips
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