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Top advices for white teeth


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Teeth decay is the problem that almost all people in the world have. How can we avoid the caries, or how can we treat it? Why do we have bad breath and our teeth aren’t so white? How can we manage to prevent these problems? If you want to get through your mouth disease, you need to observe and follow very strictly the instructions that I’ll introduce to you.

Our main task is to achieve excellent white teeth. First of all, it is better to know how our teeth are changing their colour. The beginning of the alteration is visible when our breath starts to smell bad. That is the originate causer of all our problems. Its presence provokes the appearance of a plaque, which is the agent that ruins the teeth’s enamel. The next phase is the tooth decay or caries. From there everything can be possible, even the loss of teeth, then the changed colour would be the smallest problem.

The first advice that can be given is to find the cause at the very beginning. That means you have to prevent the bad breath immediately after you mark it. How to do it, to understand, whether you have bad breath, or not? The solution is very simple. You just have to verify the colour of your gums. If they are black-purple or are bleeding, then you have to start dental treatment with the proper products that are prescribed by a dentist. Another way is to touch the gum with a finger and afterwards to check it for phoney odour. If there is a positive indication, you have to do the same procedures. By the way, the orthodontists offer very efficient medication that will be in use a lot.

Secondly, if you have missed the right time to deal with the bad breath, now you have to stand up against the plaque. To stop this bacterial mucus, you need to start using better toothpastes. Consequently, there are couple of types that are very appropriate for eliminating the plaque. One of them is the usage of fluoride pastes that are designed exactly for these reasons. Another way is an addition to the previous one. You just have to start brush your teeth more often, after every single nutrition. That is compulsory not only if you have plaque, but also must be done before and always.

If you do not have problems of that kind like teeth decay(Danish Term - Huller i tænderne ) , bad breath etc, but you still have the yellow layer, then the causer is something else. In most of the cases, the smokers suffer from this disease. The best is to stop the cigarettes, but if you are for any length of time addicted to them, then you have to use specific paste to whiten your teeth. The secret to white teeth (or Hvide tænder in Danish) is in your hands.

Huller i tænderne

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