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What is Facial Hemihypertrophy and how is it caused

Tom Schavo

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Facial hemihypertrophy is the condition, where one side of the face is larger than the opposite side.
Etiology of hemihypertrophy are Hormonal imbalance, a Incomplete twinning, Chromosomal abnormality, Defective intrauterine development, Neural, vascular or lymphatic abnormality, Clinical Features and Facial hemihypertrophy may have a familial trend and it is more common among females. In this defect, one side of the face is larger in size in comparison to the opposite side, but the affected side is very well proportioned. The patient may have other associated problems, like tumors of kidney, liver and the adrenal cortex, etc. In few cases, the patient may be mentally deficient also.

The cleft palate alone occurs due to the failure of fusion between two palatal shelves in the midline. Etiology of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate could be due to a single gene defect (monogenic) or it may be due to multiple gene defects (polygenic). It could also be due to Vitamin deficiency, Steroid upreg, Pathological conditions, e. g. streeter’s fetal slasia, Trauma and Ppioica1stressrcy, Localized, mucopolysaccharjde metabolism defects. Sometimes its also due to Mechanical obstruction by the tongue (it occurs when the tongue does not grow downwards and it remains in between the two palatal halves thereby preventing their union), Alcohol, drug, toxins, etc in the circulation. Infections and Inherent lack of developmental force in the facial processes also may cause the same.

Extension of the Defect in Cleft Palate

The palatal clefts are of varying severity and their extension also varies from patient to patient. A palatal cleft that is involving only the uvula, and this is by far the simplest form of cleft palate. This is due to the cleft in the uvula which is extending up to the soft palate, Cleft in the uvula and soft palate, which is extending up to the posterior part of the hard palate, Cleft in the uvula, soft and hard palate, which is extending up to the premaxilla on one side, Cleft in the uvula, soft and hard palate, which is extending up to the premaxilla on both sides.

Unilateral cleft is characterized by a large cleft of the palate involving the uvula, soft palate, hard palate and the premaxilla, which is extending further up to the alveolar bone and the upper lip on one side. Bilateral cleft in this case, the palatal cleft is involving the uvula, soft and hard palate and the premaxilla, extending up to the alveolar ridge and the lip on both sides.

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