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How to Make Teeth White


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Want to know how to make teeth white? First thing you should know about is what causing your teeth to become yellow. Examples of these are drinking coffee or tea, smoking, and alcoholic beverages. If you will do a procedure to have whiter teeth, you should also avoid things as mentioned above. Now, going to procedures to have whiter teeth, below are some home remedies you can follow to help you whiten your teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The most popular teeth whitening procedure you can do at home is by using hydrogen peroxide. You can blend hydrogen peroxide with your own toothpaste and brush your teeth using it. You can also add little amount of lemon juice so it will act as a stain remover. Please remember not to use too much lemon juice because it may cause your teeth to be weak.


Another great tip to have whiter teeth is to drink lots of water. Water will eliminate stains from you teeth and will also result to have healthier gums. We are just going to the basics, because most of the people will take lots of drinks that will stain their teeth and forget about drinking water.

Creating a Paste

Creating toothpaste in your own home is easy. All you need is baking soda, lemon juice, and salt. Just blend the three and mix it with your own toothpaste. Simply apply it to your teeth and rinse it afterward. You can also have some twist on it by adding strawberries. Strawberries have the characteristic of bleaching. Be careful with seeds, you do not want to mix that with your paste.

Note: All these tips on how to make teeth white should be used moderately because some ingredients in above tips contain acid that can weaken your teeth permanently. This can cause your teeth to become sensitive.

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how to make teeth white

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