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A Natural Bad Breath Solution May Be the Best


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Sometimes it does not matter how many times you brush your teeth or use your favorite mouthwash, there is just no stopping bad breath. Solution after solution you may have tried but it seems like the curse of halitosis has a strong hold on you. This can be very embarrassing when you start talking to someone and see him or her make a face that lets you know they are uncomfortable talking to you. This makes the thought of avoiding people altogether tempting doesn't it.

But before you decide to live a solitary life remember that you are not the only person in the world with this problem. Everybody has problems with their breath at some time or another. It is just more of a problem for some people and there is not a bad breath solution that seems to save the day.

People think that the food we eat has something to do with bad breath. While it can be a factor it is not the type of food we eat but rather how much of the food particles are left in your mouth. This can attract bacteria, which is one reason our breath can get pretty bad at times. Even so it is not wise to starve yourself especially when you may be able to eat away the problem.

Breakfast not only gives you a much needed jump start to begin your day with, it can also help get rid of that nasty smell from your mouth. When you are sleeping your mouth becomes inactive which helps boost the bacteria activity. This is why your breath smells so bad when you get up in the morning.

Not eating breakfast and leaving your stomach empty causes digestive halitosis or bad breath due to the actions of the digestive enzymes. They still can continue to work even though there is no food to digest. This can cause the lining of your stomach to give off an odor. Digestive halitosis can start to go away as soon as we start chewing on something.

Water could be considered a natural cure for bad breath. Whenever you eat or drink something like coffee or tea for example residues can start breeding odor-causing bacteria. Drinking lots of water especially when you are eating can help flush things out leaving less space for that bacteria to start working on you.

Another natural cure for bad breath tastes good and tangy. It involves eating lots of citrus fruits. These foods act like saliva, which is a natural mouthwash, your body provides. Saliva helps keep your mouth wet and acidic which makes it harder for bacteria to survive. An added bonus is the good taste of the fruits help leave our mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

Chewing things that are rich in chlorophyll (what gives plants their green color) such as parsley or wintergreen can help get rid of bad breath for several hours. These natural breath fresheners give out a fresh smell when we breath. On the other side of the coin eating too much fat can help produce an aroma that is not so nice.

Instead of depending on over the counter products try finding a bad breath solution from old home remedies to treat bad breath. Try out some of the old natural ways and see if they work for you. They may surprise you with the results you get.

It does not matter whether you are trying to use different foods as home remedies to treat bad breath or you are trying something else. Good oral hygiene always will help as a bad breath solution. Keeping our mouths as clean as we can will always help.

Are you looking for a bad breath solution ? Stop by for tips and resources to help prevent bad breath.


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Bad Breath Solution Options That Will Eliminate Halitosis
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