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Dental Timing


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It is not only unhealthy to avoid all sugars, it is well nigh impossible (diabetics have this problem). So what can we do about tooth decay? The first thing is that we need some rules to try to minimize sugar damage, especially in young children. It can be done. The first thing to remember is that it is not only what you eat but when you eat it.

So the first point is the timing of sugar intake. The acid level of plaque rises to a peak in 20 minutes, and takes a full 30 minutes to return to normal. If you keep snacking between meals there is a constantly high acid level, and constantly high rate of tooth destruction.

But, for example, if a cola is drunk with a meal, or a jam sandwich with the rest of tea, there is only one danger period of up to 50 minutes for all the food and drink. So always try to eat sweets or other sugary foods or drinks at normal meal times.

We should try to be sensible about eating and drinking. It is more than useful that healthy eating, in terms of avoiding obesity and heart problems, corresponds precisely with dentally healthy eating. Basically this means a balanced diet. Many dentists recommend eating savory rather than sweet snacks (especially for children), and some crunchy foods such as celery and carrots, which may have a marginal cleaning effect. Overall, however, it is a matter of avoiding or minimizing your intake of the tooth- and gum-damaging foods and drinks, rather than seeking out dentally beneficial foods.

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