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Treating Bruxism Through Hypnosis


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Right now, hypnosis is used to treat a lot of behavioral problems. And during the recent years, experts are taking advantage of its use for bruxism. Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is that annoying sound people unknowingly make while asleep.

Bruxism can be caused by a lot of factors. Research show that bruxism could develop due to the physical defects of the jaws and teeth. However, stress is also a big factor why people grind their teeth at night. And it is also on this cause where hypnosis is most effective at.

Practitioners say that hypnosis is the best solution to bruxism caused by jaw tension. While a night guard may do a good job in preventing denture damages, it cannot reduce the pain in the head and the neck that are also caused by teeth grinding.

Bruxism patients are required to attend a 30-minute hypnosis session to correct the problem. The therapy could be just one session or more, depending upon the patient's mental stature. Inside the session, the subconscious of the patient are be taught to feel the sensation created when the upper and lower teeth touches each other. And the moment that happens, the mind is instructed to relax the jaw muscles and create a comfortable space between the teeth.

For people who find going to a therapist a little too much on their budget, they could opt for a bruxism hypnosis CD instead. The CD is best used before sleeping so it is easier to achieve a state of total relaxation. Some people report that using a hypnosis CD is as effective as the one conducted personally by a hypnotherapist.

On the average, patients who subjected themselves to hypnosis session for bruxism claim that they experience relief two to three nights after the therapy session. Luckier patients go through immediate relief. This means that right at the night of the therapy session, they don't grind their teeth any longer.

However, it is important to note that hypnosis, just like other treatment methods, is a healing process. Patients should not be too impatient on the results of the therapy. It could take some time to work, especially on people whose minds are not too accommodative to these types of treatment procedures.

If you want to try hypnosis as a permanent solution to bruxism, talk to a hypnotic expert whose proficiency lies on the treatment of bruxism. Local therapists who had gained reputation in the practice are your best choices.

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