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There are several places you can choose to go to when you are faced with sickness or an injury; you may want to go to an emergency room near me, urgent care Alamitos or our primary care doctor. Some people find it difficult to decide when to go to which medical care near me. If you have ever had the experience of going to the emergency room with a terrible cold or a sprained ankle, you definitely know that frustration that is involved in waiting for the doctor to examine and evaluate your situation. In the emergency room near me, patients are seen in the value of high, medium and low priority; those people that don’t have life-threatening conditions are usually forced by circumstances to wait for long.

With the increasing demand and popularity for urgent medical help facilities, many patients are choosing to give the typical emergency room a wide berth as they stream to non-emergency treatment centers in large numbers. Many patients have soon realized that there is a lot of waiting that takes place in the emergency room as a result of overcrowding leading to higher costs but worse still, some people who come with real issues can get delayed in the process. With extended working hours and the walk-in-clinic concept, the Long Beach urgent care facility has made urgent care more accessible to people with acute illnesses and minor injuries. It is estimated that more than three million people visit urgent care Alamitos facilities every week.

You need to understand the difference between an urgent care in Long Beach and the emergency room so you can make an informed decision. When you are faced with any medical issue, you want to ask yourself whether it is a life threatening issue and if you can go anywhere else apart from the emergency room near me. If you get a medical condition at 2 a. m. and there is a need for quick medical attention then you must head to the 24-hour emergency room. The wait may be much longer in the emergency room if your condition isn’t life threatening since they see sicker patients as a matter of priority.

There are times when you will be forced to go to the emergency room near me such as when you someone has collapsed, he has difficulty breathing, has heavy bleeding, has lost consciousness or has symptoms of serious illnesses such as stroke; these are situations that can have long term effects if proper diagnosis isn’t done. On the other hand, if you have a non-emergency injury or illness you want to head to Long beach urgent care. This will include situations such as when you have bruises, stitches, sprains, sore throats and ear aches as well as flu and fevers. Your urgent care Alamitos should also be able to deal with broken bones; many fractures can be dealt with at the urgent care center as long as there isn’t a great amount of bleeding or a bone that is sticking through the skin.


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