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Say “NO” To Junk Food - Six Easy Suggestions for Better Eating Habits of Your Children


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Junk foods are those that are low in nutrition value however have higher calorific values. In addition, they have too much sugar, fat, oil as well as salt. Food containing low nutrition value tends to lower the IQ level of kids while food containing natural vitamins and minerals can help to increase it. Examples of junk food items include burgers, chips, sweets and nearly every deep fried item which is accessible in the market though healthier food things include fruits, milk and vegetables.

For a better physical condition, it is essential to stay away from junk food. Kids are more exposed to junk food than adults and because of the ever changing food culture their eating habits have deteriorated over time. All the advertisings on TV, newspaper, internet or even on pavement billboards generate an unnecessary desire in your children’s minds to have junk food. Even then it's our liability because parents to guide our children to healthier food alternatives. Thus, how to prevent your kids from eating this unhealthy food? Here in this article I am going to discussing 6 ideas which will ensure that your kids receive a nutritious diet and live a healthy life.

1. Introduce healthy food and make them health conscious early in life. It is extremely important as in an early period they discover much quick and easy. Children develop their brain rapidly during the first 3 years of life. Practically, it is the time to build or break the scenario. You have the option to either let your children turn out to be “junk food” freaks or health conscious.

2. Be a role model for your kids. It will have a harmful effect on your kids if you consume junk food yourself and ask them to stay away from it. This can be fairly reasonable as kids often follow their parents. The more you're health conscious, the more you'll influence your child’s eating habits.

3. Don't let your children link good things with eating junk food. If you're celebrating a party outside, get a place where they make healthy food rather than the common burger and chips.

4. It’s fair enough to let them eat and enjoy junk food once a while. This way your children can be in a much balanced scenario. If not their desire for junk food may take a massive step forward. Having junk food once a while will not have any significant harm to your kid's brain therefore sometimes letting them follow their desire is suitable.

5. Encourage your kids to take part in activities, no matter whether it's a sports activity or a performance based activity. This makes their brain develop in the right way and makes them physically active as well.

6. If you are not satisfied with the eating habits of your child and can't change his/her eating habit, then you may try “Neuro-Linguistic Programming “(NLP) or a hypnotherapy. NLP therapy keeps your kid motivated. These kinds of therapies present the whole family to healthy eating behavior. The NLP therapist and hypnotherapist address the kids on illnesses connected to obesity e. g. confidence, self esteem and so on. NLP and hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment to divert your kids to a healthier diet and life.

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