Steroid Stacking – The Hidden Dangers


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Few athletes subject their bodies to the same rigors as competitive bodybuilders. Bodybuilding has always had a reputation for attracting those who show no hesitation in taking things to the extreme. Some bodybuilding writers say that it probably started when protein supplements first came on the scene in the 1950’s. Initially the practice was to take one protein shake a day; and most bodybuilders at the time followed this advice. But once word started getting around that extra protein would speed up the gaining of muscular body weigh, caution was thrown to the wind by following the old “if some is good, more is better" mentality. One shake a day became two, two became three, and so on.

We see much the same practice now days with steroid stacking. Initially when bodybuilders first started using steroids in the 1960’s they used very small dosages. But bodybuilding was a small fraternity back then. Everyone knew what the other was taking. Soon it wasn’t long before small dosages became megadoses. Then as soon as new steroids were developed, bodybuilders simply added them to their existing cycles.

The benefits of stacking?

There are numerous reasons why bodybuilders stack drugs. The principal reason is probably effectiveness. Combining multiple drugs into the same stack often produces what’s called a synergistic effect. In simple terms this means that each drug in the stack magnifies or boosts the effectiveness of the others. For example some drugs like growth hormone don’t seem to be that powerful by themselves but when stacked with steroids the results are outstanding. There have been numerous pro bodybuilders who have plateaued at 230-240 pounds, suddenly turning up six months later weighing 260 or 270 pounds.

A second reason for steroid stacking is related to drug tests. Different steroids have varied clearance times in the body. Some of the injectable steroids, may be detectable in a drug test up to 18 to 24 months after their last usage. Conversely the oral steroids may clear out of the body in as little as a few weeks. Bodybuilders get around this by stacking both orals and injectables in their cycles. They’ll use higher dosages of injectables early in the cycle and then switch to orals later in the cycle. Such a pattern of drug usage will keep their muscle size and strength but also greatly increase their odds of passing a drug test.

Should you stack?

We recommend against the practice of stacking steroids for a number of different reasons. The most important reason is safety. The more drugs that you put into your system the more stress is placed on the liver – the body’s primary detoxifying organ. A good example of this type of damage can be scene in alcoholics. The liver damage known as cirrhosis is caused by chronic use of the drug alcohol. Heavy steroid abuse is not that different. It can lead to liver damage over time.

Another problem brought on by steroid stacking is addiction. While stacking with multiple drugs will produce greater strength and muscle gains than possible with just one drug, few bodybuilders can handle losing the extra strength and size after they come off their cycle. So they stay on multiple-drug stacks year-round. It’s this long-term usage that often leads to the severe side effects often associated with steroids.

If the previous was not enough to convince you to avoid steroids then hopefully this will; as of 1990, steroids are illegal! And the more drugs that you have in your possession, the greater the odds that you’ll be charged. A sympathetic judge may ignore one bottle of Dianabol, but you’re almost certain ton be charged if you have multiple bottles of Dianabol, Winstrol, and Deca-Durabolin.

Play it safe and legal with steroid alternatives!

The science of bodybuilding supplementation has become so advanced that there are now products that imitate illegal steroids, but without the same degree of side effects or legal aspects. Many of these steroid alternatives can provide a comparable effect to anabolic steroids, but are considered legal because they do not convert to testosterone or act like anabolic hormones until they are taken into the body! These legal steroid analogs have been designed with the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients to maximize your bodybuilding potential.

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