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Many experts consider the drug to be the grandfather of all current anabolic steroids. The drug was first synthesized by Dr John Ziegler and marketed by the Ciba Corporation in the late fifties. Dr Ziegler decided to develop the drug after discovering that Russian coaches were giving a similar drug to their weightlifters in the early 1950’s.

D-bol was all the buzz in bodybuilding gyms during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The stories are still told of the little blue tablets being sold right on the counters of the more popular bodybuilding gyms. D-bol is probably the most popular steroid ever created and most pro bodybuilders who are willing to talk, have admitted to using it in their cycles. In fact it’s safe to say that most bodybuilders who have used steroids got their first introduction to the “juice" from D-bol.

Ironically the immense fame of Dianabol was to play a major role in its downfall. In the late eighties Ciba discontinued making the original D-bol after the US FDA reclassified steroids as controlled substances. It seemed that word was circulating that some bodybuilders were taking more than the recommended dosage! Generic D-bol (methandrostenelone) has never been out of production, particularly in foreign countries, and Russian and Thai D-bol are now two of the popular versions of the drug available on the North American black-market.

The key to its popularity

Methandrostenelone is without question one of the most effective steroids ever created for stimulating the maximum amount of muscle mass in the shortest time possible. Bodybuilders routinely report muscular weight gains of 2 to 4 pounds a week, and 15 to 20 pounds during a 6 to 8 week cycle is not uncommon. Among the drugs much desired effects are

? drastic increases in protein synthesis

? enhances regeneration of glycogen after exercise

? Dramatic strength gains in very short time periods.

Despite its popularity with bodybuilders and other athletes in power sports, D-bol is not recommended for those in aerobic events, as there is some evidence to hint that the drug may reduce cell respiration. Bodybuilders tend to use D-bol at the beginning of cycles that also contain injectables. This is done because the effects produced by injectables usually don’t occur for at least 10-15 days. The effects of methandrostenelone, however, are virtually instantaneous.

Side Effects?

Dianabol is a mixed bag when it comes to side effects. Since it has a rather weak androgenic component it means that the drug won’t depress natural testosterone levels in the same manner as some of the more androgenic steroids. This means that D-bol users don’t have to worry as much about a dramatic shutdown of natural hormone production. But like most side effects the degree of testosterone shutdown is related to the size of the dosages used and their duration. Don’t be mislead as methandrostenelone still has mild androgenic effects and in high doses (30-40+ mg daily) such androgen-related side effects as acne, male pattern hair loss, and aggression, may become noticeable.

As with many oral steroids, D-bol has its 17th carbon position modified (called methylation) to allow more of the drug to survive passage through the liver and digestive system. Of course this chemical alteration brings with it a certain degree of liver toxicity. For this reason users shouldn’t stay on the drug for more than 6 to 8 week cycles.

Despite its popularity during the mass-gaining off-season D-bol is rarely used in pre-contest drug stacks. This is because it heavily breaks down (aromatizes) into the female hormone, estrogen. This makes fat loss difficult. The drug also has a reputation to cause fluid retention – another reason bodybuilders avoid using it in the weeks leading up to a contest. To get around this bodybuilders usually stack D-bol with such other steroids as Deca-Durabolin, Maxibolan, or one of the testosterones (i. e. , propionate).

Beware of the long arm of the law! As of 1990, Dianabol and most of the other popular anabolic steroids have been reclassified as controlled substances in the United States. Many other countries have passed similar legislation. Please read up on and become knowledgeable about your state’s or country’s steroid laws.

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