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Muscle Growth is a very essential part of muscle development. As the body grows so does the muscle. Muscles are the storehouse of energy. They store glycogen or glucose from the food (especially carbohydrates) consumed. Later, the muscle converts glucose and supplies energy as and when the body requires. In a normal human being, Muscle Growth is dependent on the human growth hormones, nutritious food and the type of physical activities involved.

Normally, in a body, a muscle breaks down to be re-built again. In the process of rebuilding activity, when it accumulates more than what is being broken down, the muscle is said to gain. This involves an increase in mass and growth simultaneously. It has been found that a more muscular body helps to cut down fat, improving lifespans.

With an increasing demand for a well-toned body, more and more people are resolving to pursue advanced exercise regimes that promise to convert muscles to fat. They take up light weight training, cardiovascular exercises and aerobics, along with a healthy diet. In the muscle building activities, especially in the case of body builders, the Muscle Growth or hypertrophy is worked on. That is, the person involved in body building tries to achieve abnormal enlargement of muscles. Here they make use of supplementary sources to increase the cells or the mass of the muscle.

For instance, a person involved in bodybuilding tries weight lifting, high-protein drinks, steroids or hormonal injections to mutate or activate the growth related cells. Muscles are involved in breaking up and rebuilding activity are better known as protein turnover. In this process, when the muscle-rebuilding activity increases over the rate of muscle breakdown, there is a muscle gain, a growth. Researches have identified myostatin genes as involved in controlling the growth of muscles in the body. It has also been identified that a mutation or block in the genes will help in muscle mass and growth. Muscle Growth is important to build muscles to fight fat and flab, and to stay fit.

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