Be Careful of What You Wear on Leg Days!


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As gym instructors, we mostly go through the whole day without much interaction with anyone else, save for the one or two cute chicks who need help with lunges once in a while. I had thought it would be another boring afternoon in the gym watching a group of middle-aged women on the treadmill, but I thought wrong.

A powerfully built Adonis caught my attention as he walked into the gym. I don’t remember seeing him before. He surveyed his surroundings before making his way to the most isolated corner in the gym – the squat rack. I watched as he threw two 45s onto the bar and went through his first set with ease. Very soon, he was already squatting 220lbs, yet there was not even a drop of perspiration! This is going to be quite an interesting day, I thought to myself.

As he got ready for his next set after his long warm-up, I made my way towards the free weight section. I can’t be missing out on that, not when the squat rack is used like once a month! A few heads turned as Adonis positioned himself under the bar. Adonis hoisted the bar up and took two steps back.

I held my breath as he dropped to the bottom of the first rep…


All activity stopped in the gym as everyone turned their heads towards Adonis. The pop was so loud that I thought Adonis had popped his knee! As he re-racked his bar, I caught sight of a huge hole in his pants. Heck, it was so big, if I weren’t there, I might have thought a cannonball went through it. Two old grandmas behind him doing step-ups stared at him with their mouths wide open. Adonis’ face was as red as beet!

“That’s a very well toned bottom you got there young man!”

Stifles of laughter were heard throughout the gym. We all watched as Adonis dashed straight for the locker room with a towel wrapped around his behind. Many erupted into laughter once Adonis was inside the locker room. I have to admit, I have never seen someone exit the locker room that fast though! In a blink of an eye, he was out of the locker room, and the gym as well. I’m not sure when I’ll ever see him again, but one thing for sure, he has become the talk of the gym, achieving instant fame despite his rather short workout…

Well, I guess it wasn’t such a bad day after all! I didn’t write this entry so as to discourage you from squatting, but, here’s a tip – wear loose pants of durable material! With that, I wish you all the best in your future leg days.

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