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Women Will Not Gain Huge Muscles From Being Crossfit


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CrossFit Clearwater Programs are available to men and women of all ages with a variety of athletic and non-athletic backgrounds. We offer small group classes led by certified trainers (at a fraction of the cost of any other personal training out there). Our fitness programming presents athletes of all levels with mental and physical challenges which we know from real-world evidence will produce better results than any other program out there. Please note that we scale our workouts to your athletic ability.

Women will not get big bulky muscles because they just plain don't have the hormones to build them. It is the difference in the hormonal profile between men and women that causes their performances to also be different. There are several aspects of a woman's performance that will different from those of a man, all of which depend on neuromuscular efficiency, and all of which are a direct result of lower testosterone levels and the effects that testosterone has on motor unit recruitment, central nervous system excitation and other neuromuscular factors. You might now be thinking that because there are such big differences, then it must be true what the fitness industry says about the necessity of gender specific programs and exercises. This could not be further from the truth. Women may lack higher levels of testosterone, but we are built the same when you look at our body structures. We are not as different as bunnies and fish. Men and Women, however, both recruit motor units into the same patterns to cause muscle contractions…. just two different degrees. A real world example would be that physiologically, Aaron Rogers and your grandmother operate the same way, in the same sense that Labradors and Toy Poodles are both dogs.

What does this all mean? That the type of stress (i. e. Crossfit Clearwater training / heavy strength) will cause the best results in both men and women, only the degree of results will vary. For example, Squats work better for everybody than leg extensions, leg curls, and the Bun Blasters because of the quality of stress they produce. “Squats are performed with the same muscles by everybody, they are hard for everybody, and hard enough to produce system-wide stress for everybody – and this is why they work for everybody. Men are more efficient at responding to the stress of squats in terms of elevated testosterone levels, and in this respect men can get stronger and bigger faster. ” (Rippetoe) What this doesn’t mean is that women are not served well by using “less efficient” ways to produce stress on their bodies. We just won’t get as strong or big as men.

For those that do not make dietary changes, the process takes longer. And don’t forget that strength will have longer lasting benefits than the immediate tight ass or smaller waist. It will help you open jars, carry your own groceries, move your own furniture, stay mobile and osteoporosis free so you can enjoy a long active life! So get started and pick up some heavy weights to start making the changes that you want to see.


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