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Weight Lifting Exercises Latisimus Dorsi, The King of the Muscular Physique For Size and Strength

Dave Vower

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Latisimus Dorsi or popularly known as lats muscles are the bigger muscles of the perfect middle of the back. When trained well with weight lifting exercises, the lats muscles will look in a V-shaped style which in turn makes the waist cute and smaller in appearance. There are many weight lifting exercises, which specifically target the lats muscles. Some of them are the lat-bar pulldown, seated rows, bent-over rows and wide-grip pull-ups.

Weight Lifting Exercises targeted for the lats are very important in developing an overall strong body and strong lats muscles. The lats make up a major part of your upper body size and strength and should be focused on when training for size and strength.

Many people think that attractive and appealing body is one with well-developed muscles in chest and biceps. It is not at all true. You require a body with proportionate muscles in each and every part of the body or else it will never be attractive, especially to ladies. *** appeal of a man depends purely on the overall body structure with strong muscles in chest, biceps, legs, arms, necks, calves and lats. Proportion is the key!

Lat - bar pulldown is a relatively easy weight lifting exercise. This weight lifting exercise is carried out by sitting on a bench. You can lean back little and make an arch by bending the back inwards. Grasp the bar and bring down to the chest in the upper region and slowly return. While doing this you have to relax the arms and purely concentrate on the lats muscles. While doing this exercise, keep the body except the arms motionless.

Bent-over rows are some other effective weight lifting exercises suitable for lats muscles. In this exercise you have to keep the feet in the shoulder width. Then you have to bend over at the waist so that the upper part of the body is parallel to the plain floor. Now you can hold the barbell and pull them down to the lower side of the chest. You have to do this weight lifting exercise with much attention and dedication to gain the desired results.

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Dave Vower


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