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Weight Lifting Exercises For Your Chest How to Build Chest Muscles Weight Lifting Exercises

Dave Vower

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The major chest muscles are pectorals (pecs). The biggest chest muscle is pectoralis major, a large muscle across the chest in the shape of a fan. The pecs can be effectively built through many weight lifting exercises. Some of them are bench press, bar dips, dumbbell pullovers, push-ups and dumbbell flyes.

Bench Press is one of the weight lifting exercises, which is very popular and effective. The bench press weight lifting exercise is very simple. You can lie down on bench with face up. Hold the bar with wide grip, lower the bar up to the middles of the chest and then raise to the height as much as possible.

Knowledge of the effects and advantages of bench presses is really a great motivator for the people to undergo bench press to build chest muscles. But simultaneously it is very important to keep a watch on lifting excess weight. You should not strain your muscles much by lifting insane weight. You should restrict yourself to the weights you can manage with good form.

Dumbbell flyes can also be practiced to build chest muscles. This weight lifting exercise is known to be very effective if it is done under the proper guidance of an experienced trainer. In this weight lifting exercise also should lie over a bench with face up. Hold the dumbbells in each hand with palms facing each others. Keep your arms straight with a slight bend. Now you have to lower the weights to the sides by rotating the shoulders. By doing this weight lifting exercise you will be stretching the pecs and bringing back the weights in its original positions.

Bench press and Dumbbell flyes are great weight lifting exercises to build upper body mass, especially to build the chest muscles. If you do these exercises in a perfect way, you can be assured of getting the required chest muscles you are aiming for.

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Dave Vower


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